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Hi there! I'm a not-so-normal girl living in Seattle, WA. I work for a software company as a writer of developer documentation, but my background is computer science and programming. In my spare time I enjoy video games, especially console RPGs such as my obsession, Dragon Quest (or old school PC ones such as Ultima aka best games ever, or Sierra adventure classics), anime (duh!), sci fi, movies, my cats, and various other nerd things.

I created the Anime-Planet site many years ago, as a simple hub for a community. It has grown so much since then, and I'm proud to call myself its creator and admin. Please enjoy your stay here!


My anime list stats and uses:

Watched: as it should be used, this means I've seen the entire series.

Watching: Either am currently watching or plan on continuing at some point soon

Stalled: I mark things as stalled when I either can't continue (no more episodes available), or plan on finishing eventually - just not right now.

Dropped: I don't plan on finishing this anime.

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JenKenos says...

Sorry for messaging you here, I just couldn't find the right place in the forum.

I just finished watching Zero no tsukaima, and realized that for some reason the old principal Osmond is called "Principal Ottoman" in the AP database: Principal Ottoman

I looked around a bit and found out that we used to call him the right way, but for some reason he was moderated to this name.

Forum link

I've watched the last season of the show on Crunchyroll(in japanese of course), so I'm pretty sure that's his right name.

Thanks for your time and for all your hard work in this site!

Nov 26, 2015
robert00 says...

Just writing to thank you for creating this site. It is a great site and the people are too! Arigato!

Nov 24, 2015
chad28 says...

Hi Sothis

I use my watching and reading lists to see if something new has come out, and while in the anime I can easily see there is a new episode because of the button +ep, I can't do the same with manga.

If possible I think it would be really pratical to have a +ch button in ongoing mangas. I know we talked about this before and you said that there is also people that read by volume, but while people that read volumes can easily know in which chapter they are, people that read chapters have to search the info about which volume corresponds to that chapter.

If you are still against the +ch button I would like you to consider at least putting a purple dot in the same place the +ch would be (kind of like twitter has when you have notifications) so we would very easily know there's a new chapter out.

Thanks for all of your hard work on the site.

Nov 24, 2015
AngryJellyfish says...

It doesn't look like that one's fully scanlated, same problem I ran into with IS - Aiesu. I'll keep an eye on both, but would rather not start reading something I can't finish.

Nov 20, 2015
Agitosan says...

Just dropping by to say hello. :)

Nov 12, 2015