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Aside from the weird art, the story is meh. The characters are also meh. Typical turn-back-time shoujo that you only read when you really, really have nothing better to do.

Look, I normally don't let art affect my rating of a story so much. But combined with a meh storyline and stock characters, I just can't like the manhwa. The art has bad proportions, awkward fashion designs, spiky hair, and my least favourite - badly drawn (unfocused and awkward) eyes and eyelashes. 

I'll acknowledge the dress designs were really pretty (except for the awkward ribbon around FL's neck). The level of detail in the outfits is good.

The characters are bland. Yeah, I get it's only chapter 7, but I don't see any motivation for why the Second Prince (ML) would be so devoted to Kai (FL). Judging by the fact that FL didn't have any positive memories of him in her first life (other than the last moments), are they intending to set up the reason the prince is like a loyal dog for FL is that the FL is the saviour and light of the prince's cruel/boring life?

The FL is okay... Trashy previous lover and family member are the most stereotypical you could find. Though if you like some bitch slapping and revenge, you'll probably like the manhwa a bit more.

It's like the manhwa's just trying to hitch on the isekai boom. It throws in all those typical spicy elements: revenge, trashy family members, trashy previous lover, cunning FL, devoted ML, influential characters supportive of FL,... but the tropes, in my opinion, are not done well. They just all felt a bit rushed and insincere.

Yeah, that's it. It's not super duper bad, but I'm not picking it up again, personally.

6/10 story
5/10 art
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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upsidepenguin Jun 3, 2021

@scaredofbubbles: not sure why my reply is organized to be above yours while it should be under because it's a reply, but here's my reply anyway:

Thanks for your perspective! In my view, the art was quite bad. The colors and dress designs were great, but the eyes, sketch lines, and faces were drawn in a way that didn't suit my taste.

The eyes had eyelashes that were way too thick - they just drew an eyelash shape around the eyes and shaded in the whole thing. The eyes were unfocused.

The sketch lines were too... sketchy, I guess? It was like they used the lasso tool on Photoshop - it left lines that were too thin and choppy. The hair is pointy and is the most prominent example of the lasso tool Photoshop effect.

The faces sometimes had cut or extra angles. 

Umcomfortable ribbon:

Face with extra angles:

Basically, chapter 7 has the most examples of strange art, I think. But I respect your opinion.

scaredofbubbles Jun 2, 2021

did we read the same book? Yes, it's pretty basic in plot idea, but the art that I saw was definitely a 10/10, and didný have any awkward angles or body disproportions.