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namiisenpai Sep 4, 2018

hi! i just happend to drop by and you seem nice so if you don't mind then we could maybe become friends? (≧◡≦) ♡

 i hope we can get to know each other better! (ᅌᴗᅌ✿)

Relateret billedeRelateret billede

mata ne ~ ♡

xoxogd Jul 24, 2018

thanks you, times two! /~♡ it did go well actually, I got the highest grade! but now i have another test that I failed, that I will do once again the 23rd of august, and this test was very not my cup of tea, but it should once again be fine! oh it's okay that your reply is delayed, I'm just glad you answered!

yeah it was in a smaller fast food restaurant, but it's not a chain, it is owned by a singel person who hires 2 people to help, so a lot of the times you were alone for 8 hour shifts which probably was the most stressful part(not being able to rely on anyone else than yourself) ¯\_▒ – ﹏ – ▒_/¯

hmm I guess i can understand that! I believe the work forced me to be social in a way I wasn't used to, which changed my relation to social interaction for a period of time(social interactions felt very natural). but I guess a factor to consider is the fact that I was very relaxed with him as well(my bf)! but it's soo understandable that the social interactions are draining in a way just social interactions can be. I hope you get to charge your batteries in a way that you feel good about!

oh, what is it that you miss about it in particular?

Yakhio Jul 14, 2018


Hahaha, don't worry, take yer time. ~ 

I even swore to myself that I won't watch any seasonal animes since I'm usually tired after worl and blarght. But now, of course I'm starting to pick them up. Of course. only thing that I will absolutely watch is third season of Attack on Titan. And maybe third season of Free as I have almost finished second season finallyyyyy. 

And gosh, it's been HOT in here. I hate heat and summer, heat will make me lose all of my strengt and I don't want to do anything... Since it's too hot and sweaty. Ghhh. And net connection has been real biatch lately, can't use my ps4 to watch anime from crunchyroll. >: ( 

Villaj09 Jul 13, 2018

Haha I have not watched the spin off yet have you? And ya that's correct I was telling you that I watch the SAO Movie that came out lol

Akkun Jul 9, 2018

yep I can't even keep up with your replies... so fast XD

Guess, I'll be watching everything that will be coming out... we'll see which shows are gonna be good :)

What kind of work? Don't tell me you're a surgeon XDDD haha :)