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Beyond the Boundary

Aug 19, 2014

When two people are brought together by the hatred received from others, are they cursed or somehow blessed?

From the very beginning, I knew that I would enjoy this series. The story seemed interesting enough and the art looked amazing. But in the end, that's not why I ended up loving it so much...I fell in love with it because of the characters and their interactions with one another.

Story: 8

One day, the main character Akihito comes upon a girl standing on the edge of a building rooftop. Determined to save her life, he rushes to the roof and loudly declares: "A girl who looks as good in glasses as you...simply should not die!"

From the start, these two were already unknowingly connected, with the half human-half youmu Akihito and Mirai, having been born into a cursed bloodline, both being shunned by everyone around them. Through this mutual empathy, a friendship is born.

In my opinion, the story isn't "cliché" or a "train wreck" at all. Yes, there could have been a little less filler and a little more story, but I believe that this amount of filler was necessary to establish the relationships between the characters as well as to help us get to know them a bit better. I personally feel this story is unique enough, especially considering the thousands of other anime series out there for which I couldn't quite say the same...

Art: 9

The art was one of the best aspects of the series. I was extremely impressed with Kyoto Animation's high animation quality. Moreover, the art style is great! It's bright, it's colorful, and there's plenty of attention to detail, making the action scenes flow quite nicely. Each scene looked absolutely amazing...I couldn't get enough of them! I especially liked the characters' eyes: they were so colorful and detailed and pretty and...

...Ahem, were was I again? Oh yeah, the art style is great!

Sound: 8

I really liked the opening theme song (Kyoukai no Kanata by Minori Chihara). I think it matches the anime's mood and the characters' situation. Not to mention it was kinda catchy. The ending (Daisy by Stereo Dive Foundation) was a bit more upbeat and still pretty good, though I still preferred the opening.

Character: 9

I love the characters. They were all so diverse, making their interactions with one another quite unpredictable. It was refreshing to have some personalities that were a little less "typical". As someone who has seen a reasonably large amount of anime, it's very difficult to find something different, especially character wise. Though what I really liked was how no matter how dark the show got, the humor shown when the characters interacted always kept me laughing my ass off.

However, I do think certain characters (Mitsuki, for example) could have gotten a little more development. I mean, I know this is a short series, but some things could easily have been replaced with back stories or something with little to no substance lost.

Enjoyment: 9

I loved this anime series from beginning to end and just couldn't stop watching it. It's funny, has romance, action, and magic, and it's fantasy. What more could I ask for?

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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