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wolfangel87 Nov 4, 2010

Well I have to say your profile looks pretty fantastic!!! ^_^

I have skip beat on my manga reading list I loved the anime version too!  Just like with books that are made into movies sometimes you wish they could have fit more of the material in, sadly understandable that they don't

I am so addicted to Bones it is crazy, although I have to say I am about a season behind because I have a little tradition with my family that was get the season set when it comes out and we all watch it together!  It started as a Christmas tradition that we got a set of movies from one season of soemthing and watched it in the days after Christmas together, now Bones is just AWESOME so we have to watch it right away!  I love how they are doing all the different types of intern episodes, although, I really miss Zack^_^

wolfangel87 Nov 4, 2010

I like your choice in avatar!!!  Great job

I have been watching the Glass Mask anime and am totally in love with all of the characters!  I haven't read Full Moon Wo Shagashite bu it is one of the ones that is one my list (*sigh* along with hundreds of others, there is just not enough time in the day!) 

wolfangel87 Nov 3, 2010

I took the time to read it, drama and shoujo are soooo good, whats your favorite?

Don't forget to come back and add an avatar!  ^_^

Happy Birthday!!!