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The story is all about a girl name shina went to Sakurasuo where her life changes. Sorata is a normal guy who likes cat he cant abandoned the cuteness of the cat. And he is also the one who is in charge to shina of everything because Shina is manga artist who is so innocent her room is a mess doesnt do any girl duties so Sorata was the one to take in charge of laundry, cleaning her room etc. But when Sorata sees how Shina was hardworking to her manga she didnt sleep at night thats how he change and have a dream to be a video gamer maker.


The animation was good I like how its a little bit bright  it kinda suits the anime and I like every movements of the characters and how the story ended really good!


I like shiina's voice actor !! and also The Op  was good I really cant stop repeating it and also the ED. The ost was nice too how u can feel the emotions in this anime !!


Actually I hope theyre will be more screen view to other side characters cause I was looking forward to some buut I still like them and I also I do hope sorata and shiina develop each other! I was looking forward to any relationship and stuff but nope but theyre a little bit progressing XD


Okay I like this anime the end was a little bit emotional. And I really like this how they create friends in Sakurasou they have problems but they dont forget to give them a smile on their face that next day is another day and even do they loss or fail they stood up and forget about it.  I really do like it !! I recommend u to watch this anime it is good and worth watching ^^

9/10 story
9.9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.7/10 overall

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