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The most extreme tragedy I've ever read...

So, Matthia, for me, is the most tragic author. Although I've only started her works recently (just one) I love it. The tragedy almost makes me want to write something similar to it. But all in all, I love them. It's really tear-jerky out there, have fun!
1 Lifetime Gifts (Novel)

Lifetime Gifts (Novel)


I really, literally cried for Arlette... T^T

2 Childish Flower (Novel)

Childish Flower (Novel)

My first tragic novel and my favorite. I love it. Too tear-jerking. Really cried an ocean.

3 Ghost Marriage (Novel)

Ghost Marriage (Novel)

Omg... I cried in this too!!! Fang guo's tragic, bittersweet story with a ghost was very hard... too sad, but my favorite. Love it. Loved it so much that it made me write a similar to it too!

4 Thousand Autumns (Novel)

Thousand Autumns (Novel)

Haven't read the novel yet, just a chp, but watched the donghua. From HOW MUCH the anime was sad, the novel... idk how much this will be ;-;

...but i love it...

5 23:45


Okay, okay, okay, veryyyyyyyyyy sad.

Those two, their relationship was very tragic!

6 Boku ga Otto ni Deau made

Boku ga Otto ni Deau made

I just love Ryosuke. his whole story was really hard. Bitter love, betrayal, and many more, just because he was gay.

I love it. Recommended.

7 Go Jin and Gam-rae

Go Jin and Gam-rae

Go jin and gam rae. Those two... another couple whose story is really sweet but they have to face so many hardships just because of the damn world.

I love this story to my core of heart V..V

8 Hoshi Dake ga Shitteru

Hoshi Dake ga Shitteru

A guy who wants to be an astronaut, but he is color blind. Man, what can be more tragic than this? Andddd he gets a lover who helps him, comforts him ^^

T^T this is too nerve tragic!!!!!

9 Guang Xiang

Guang Xiang

guang xiang, guang xiang, guang xiang...... OOOOOHHH!! Another great, sweet cherry blossom bl story with SADNESS. 

I love their story. How they helped, supported, and believed in each other. Even when people started to avoid them, hate them, they still kept on loving each other. 

I love it. Best one @[email protected]

10 Last Paradise

Last Paradise

Now, one of the most tragic manhua. After the novel, childish flower, this is my first most tragic and favorite manhua. I love it. I really loved the tragedy and hardships and love story of MC (bad with Korean names, sorry) But later in season 2... they just made a triangle, which was not.. very nice to me  ;-;

11 The Sound of Sugar Cubes

The Sound of Sugar Cubes

The name is literally, actually, the last line of the mc, hanyul.

Sooo (if u haven't read my long review for it) This was also very sad, but what I wanted didn't happen. Anyways, it was really sad, made me cry, I feel really bad for hanyul VnV

12 Gunjou no Subete

Gunjou no Subete

This story can translate to 'My everything' if I'm not wrong...

 I really LOVE IT!!! IT'S THE BEST! 😍 I love the characters and especially the fudanshi characteristics !! XDD

Love this one. It was really sad. I didn't cry, but my heart melted AND cracked each time they suffered from hiding their relationship. :(

I just have infinite praises and likes for it. You have to, really, have to read this one! It's so blissful! 

13 Summer Scent

Summer Scent

This one is also pretty sad. It has fewer chapters, is engaging, worth your time and life, and the ending, everything is SO MUCH sad.

I love this one too. :}

14 An Uncomfortable Truth

An Uncomfortable Truth

Spoiler! (Jaeha just died, what could else be so tragic than that? ... The brother complex just got ruined.) QAQ


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