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Hi... And Welcome to My Page :)

My name is Rodrigo, but my friends call me Rodas, Im a big fan of anime how you can see my list of anime is rising quickly.

If You Want to Talk About Anime or Ask/Sugest Animes to watch feel free to leave a comment.

Have Fun With this Awesome website. Have a good day/night :s

Status: Always Doing Something.. 


Im on Vacations Atm, ^^.

So I can watch all the anime I want, and Im also around A-P website a lot.

If I get a comment,

i might respond to it in a few mins or in the next day.. u.u

                                                                                  My Bad... o.O



  Birthday: April 25th

Hobbies: Gaming, Anime ^^ (Of Course), Sleeping too :3

Stuff I Like: Rainy Days, Night, Sleeping a lot

Stuff I Dislike: Waking up early and Going to sleep early

Favorite Colour: Orange and Black

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Zodiac Sign: Taurus



Favourite Song: Taking Off (One Ok Rock)

Favourite Bands: BMTH, One Ok Rock, 3DG

Favourite Solo Artists: Steve Aoki, HeadHunterz

Favourite Food: Pizza Mah Boiii

Prefered Music Genre: Rock, Rap, (lots of them)

Pets: Doggy

Favourite Animal: Tiger

Favourite Youtuber: Pewdiepie


I watched one of my first animes when i was realy young, Naruto, because it started playing on the tv and because of that i practicly became addicted to anime, went trought internet(yes i know... I with my 10 years was already going trought the internet dimension)

That make me to become a big fan of anime and from that moment I started to watch a giant ammount of anime, like Dragon Ball, Digimon, Pokemon Ofc.

But, a few months after, I totally stopped watching anime :(

After a few years I remembered of Naruto and started watching anime again, what pushed me to the moment where I am at.

       An Extreme Addicted Person to Anime... o.O

    I Know Ok... xD


Action - Tokyo Ghoul

Supernatural - Seraph of the End

Post-Apocalyptic - God Eater

School Life - Monster Musume

Slice of Life - Kanokon

Ecchi - Mayo Chiki!

Harem - To Love-ru

Drama - Rewrite

                                                                       Mystery - Danganronpa

                                                                        Adventure - Fairy Tail


 I Know... There is Ecchi and Harem in my favourite Type of anime.

Oppai 4 Life Bruh!!! <3


Historical - 91 Days

Music - K-On!!

Sports - Haikyuu!!


Pretty Weird i Know but there isnt much things that i dont like xD

But Don´t Judge me!!!






Boku no Hero academia - SOOO GOOD!! 

Shingeki no Kyojin - EVEN BETTER!! (Second Season)

Grimoire of Zero - Awesome one m8.

 Boruto ;) - Bro!! Another naruto incoming!! HELL YEH

 Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul - Pretty Good one.

                                                                      Natsume yuujinchou roku



 ★★★★★ Attack on Titan

 ★★★★★ Sword Art Online

★★★★★ To Love-ru

★★★★★ Rewrite

★★★★★ Naruto Shippuden

★★★★★ Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

★★★★★ Boku no Hero Academia 1&2


Almost all 5 stars right??!?! I know it might look weird xD But all of them were Awesome!!! 




A Silent Voice - ★★★★★

Spirited Away - ★★★★☆

Appleseed Movie - ★★★☆☆

Gekijouban Aquarion - ★★★★☆

Kimi no Na wa - ★★★★★

I Specially Loved "Kimi no Na wa" and "A Silent Voice", they are both very sentimental movies, what i appreciate.





Sword Art Online


Parasyte -the maxim-


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!


Cupid's Chocolates




Sword Art Online // Kazuto Kirigaya

Naruto Shippuden // Naruto Uzumaki

To Love-Ru // Rito Yuuki

Rewrite // Kotarou Tennouji

Fairy Tail // Natsu Dragneel

Asuna Yuuki // Sword Art Online

Rikka Takanashi // Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

Chihaya Ootori // Rewrite

Shizuru Nakatsu // Rewrite


I Dont Know... I practicly have an instant crush in anime girls with white pads..

                 T-They Just Look Extremely Cuteee >///<


Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul

Lovers - Naruto Shippuden

Guren no Yumiya - Attack on Titan

Openning 2 - Boku no Hero Academia 

And Ofc.... Fckng POKEMON!!!!

I do prefer the portuguese version :)


Wind - Naruto

Alive - Naruto

Mountain-a-Go Go-Two - Naruto

Speed - Naruto

Ending - Kyoukai no kanata <3


I Do Realy almost only like the Naruto Classic endings...

I know... But Oh Well, Tastes bro...

So, After All Thx For Visiting my Profile :D

Hope You Found it Interesting... If we have something in common send me a msg and hopefully we can be good friends.

If we don´t have anything in common... well.. f*ck it :) send me a msg anyway and we might even become good friends :D

I Had a Lot of work to do this so Hope you enjoyed :P

  Have a great day !! ❤❤





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HKBattosai Jan 8, 2019

Hi there Kraago!

It's been a long time! Hope all is well with you. It's that time again for my very own personal anime Oscars! The 2nd annual awards list for 2018 can be found >here< and I thought I'd share it with you. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think (if you want to). Cheers!


Whosane Oct 31, 2018

hey bro. can you tell me if one piece worth watching LOL

zerothehero Dec 29, 2017

Haha, it's all good! ^^

Thanks! :)

HKBattosai Dec 27, 2017

Hi Rod4s!

Season's greetings! Hope all is well with you. I created my own personal anime Oscars >list< for 2017 and I thought I'd share it with you. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think (if you want to).  *smiling*


zerothehero Dec 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and happy new year! :-)

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