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Hello, and welcome to my profile. I have another account, Ciradyl, but I chose to create this one for personal reasons. I will be somewhat active on both. Anyhow, below is some information in regards to myself.


I consider myself a natural scientist who gravitates towards the philosophical perspectives of agnosticism, relativism, and empiricism. The former ideology indicates I am irreligious but open to conversion. Relativism entails the notion of morality, validity, hierarchy, worth, and similar concepts being man-made and therefore subjective constructs. Finally, as an empiricist, I do not believe anything can exist as an objective reality unless it can be experienced by the senses. These ideologies of mine are reflected by my political views; I am an anarchist and libertarian socialist who does not belong to any party. As one may deduce, I am a principled individual, but when I am presented with theoretical frameworks in opposition to one another but with equal cogency, I lack any trouble respecting them in the belief one may be true for X while the other may be true for Y.


As for my career pursuits, I am aiming for a doctoral degree in psychology in order to become a marriage counselor. However, I will invest my time in any topic or discipline if I believe it will prove beneficial to me. I like psychology, sociology, neurology, endocrinology, cosmology, astrophysics, astronomy, paleontology, biology, ecology, and vocal pedagogy. As for my hobbies, they include singing, rapping, writing, volunteering at the animal shelter, and working on whatever projects will allow me to further my agenda.

In terms of personality typology, I am an ENTJ, 8w7, LIE, Choleric-Melancholic, Dc, VLEF, and Anal-Retentive with a tritype of 8w7-5w6-3w4 and an instinctual variant of sp/so. My alignment is True Neutral. I would not consider myself a didactic, blithe, quixotic, obstinate, chauvinistic, or sybaritic person, but I am adaptable, perceptive, earnest, and direct.


I lack many preferences when it comes to genres of music, books, and shows, but I tend to like ones with dark and thought-provoking content. I prefer to judge anime and characters on the basis of their writing rather than how much I enjoyed them, albeit anime and characters which inspire me in some form are more likely to earn my admiration. I evaluate stories through their pacing, originality, complexity, coherence, and integration of their characters. Characters are qualitatively assessed through their development, intricacy, innovation, realism, importance to the plot, and depth of their interpersonal relationships. The quality of art and sound is gauged through the suitability of the art style, soundtrack, voice acting, fluidity of motion, designs of characters and structures, and effects such as computer-generated imagery. I may adjust my scaling depending on what the anime and characters in question are attempting to achieve. For example, if I am watching a parody anime, I will not hold its originality to high esteem, and if I am watching a horror anime, I will not criticize it because it could not make me laugh.


 My taste in music is very diverse. I listen to many genres and languages, but my favorite artists are currently Radiohead, Nothing More, Glass Animals, Dream State, and Rage Against The Machine.


Finally, I lack any preference in pronouns and do not consider myself a specific identity or orientation.

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