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You've done it again A-1. You've managed to somehow build a little hype around seemingly the exact same premise you've been milking for years. While A-1 does tend to milk things dry and copy ideas, even if they are their own, I cannot deny their skill. A-1 has always been able to give an array of art types, and story telling. While many studios such as Kyoto stick to one style, A-1 experiments. While a bold move, it has payed off. This season they are pumping out 3 new animes, and 3 new movies. Just under ERASED in terms of hype and quality is 'Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash'.

This anime could easily get gruesome and start mowing down characters. If that happens, I will most likey love it as long as my waifu is safe and sound.

*Edit*: Boom I fucking called it. Avoid character section for slight spoilers. There's no good way to talk about all of them without spoiling something. 

Story: The story is nothing new and over used. A group of 12(I think?) wake up in the unknown world of Grimgar. Once there, they discover they must(why..?) choose a class, and survive in this new world by slaying monsters, thus earning money and advancing in the world. The group of comparatively unfit kids form one group of 6, while the toned and badass looking ones form another group of 6 because of plot.

While I am sick and tired of this plot, this anime does try to throw new things into the mix. None of the people remember anything about where they came from, however from time to time use words they once knew, such as cell phone, and then question what that even means. This is a quickly forgotten premise though. A-1 has also realized that OP characters are boring, and have made our main characters almost worthless. In the beginning they are unable to beat even 2 goblins against their 6. The other group however has already advanced to the next 'rank', though this doesn't show they are OP, just not idiots.

Now before you jump into this anime know this. This anime, in the beginning, focuses mostly on characters and their interactions than on story. It's quite slow paced for a bit, but not in a bad way. If you enjoy seeing characters and relations develop, and don't mind a plot that's slow and steady, this is for you. Around mid-way we see the plot start chugging along more briskly, and eventually throws some pretty unexpected curves.

This anime is also based off the apparently successful light novel that I've unfortunately not been able to read. Light novel to anime adaptations are usually either very good or very bad, with the majority being bad. I'd say it was on the good spectrum, though like every other LN adaption it needs another season. At least it wasn't SAO.

Animation: As I said, A-1 loves to experiment. This time around, they've gone with a style that reminds me of Feel, or maybe even I.G. . That said, the animation is done very well. The little fight scenes we've seen have been fairly fluid and engaging. The magic system is also interesting, with beautifully drawn spells and effects. Not only the fighting, but the world itself is pretty well made. Detail is spread throughout equally, and though you won't get ufotable or Comix, it's very nice to look at.

 Sound: Have to say I'm slightly let down.The opening song isn't bad, though slightly generic, and the ending is a bit worse than the opening. There hasn't been very noticable BGM either, though this could be good or bad. They tone down BGM considerably during tense scenes and idle chat, and let loose during montages or fight scenes. Maybe I've been spoiled lately from all the above average soundtracks though.

Characters: *light spoilerino ahead*

Haruhiro: This guy is alright in my book. He's not a beta fag from what we've seen(Just fuck Mary already), and is the Thief class of the group. He is the fairly chill type of the group, and our main protagonist(though everyone is a main, but he narrates). Seems to be some possible romance in the future between my boy and Yume/Mary hopefully.

Manato: He's the(was, kappa) Cleric of the party, and takes the leader personality. He's an all around nice guy, though he gets too close to my girls from time to time. While I dislike his type of character, I can tolerate him simply because of how much of a bro he is. He's considerate of everyone, and loved by them all, which is very aparent after ep 5(I think thats right).

Mogzo: The fat(well, muscley fat) unspoken type. I say unspoken but it's more of just quiet. He's the Warrior(tank) of the party, and does a great job of keeping his grubby little hands away from my harem. He's able to take charge if needed, and is a pretty good tank.

Ranta: Usually I'm ok with his type but so far I dislike him. He's the perv type, he made Shihiro cry, and chose the edgy class. He's Yuuta when he had chuuni syndrome. Honestly I liked him before he fucked with my girl, so maybe I'm overreacting. He chose Dark Knight or some shit, and is more or less the off tank I assume. He gets a lot more tolerable as he develops, but I still dislike him. Whatever 6/10.

Shihiro: I have a soft spot for helpless maidens, and Shihiro fits the bill. From the get go she's fumbling around trying to use magic and failing miserably. Unfortunately for me, that type of character always dies if the show mows down characters like it's going out of style. Luckily I can only see one more dying as of now though. She's the mage of the group, and has a very shy personality and low self esteem. Though she has a large bosom, I can overlook this flaw because of her personality. Hopefully she avoids the death flag she has on her. 

Yume: The older sister type and best grill, though she's got competition now. Also the clumsy type. And the touchy type... She's definitely a good contender for waifu of the year. She chose the Hunter, and wields a bow, though her aim is horrid so she sticks with close range for a while. Through what we've seen I assume she has tracking skills and super human vision or some shit.

Mary: She's the new addition to the group, taking Manato's spot as Priest. From the get-go it's obvious she's the silent lonely type with a harsh backstory. She heals well though, not like an idiot Manato was. As scooby and the gang get to know her, she slowly opens up, revealing herself to be almost as good a waifu as Yume.

*edit: She's better.

There are many other characters that I dont care about yet. If the two other grills excite me I'll add them, but until then this is good enough.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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Stormbrook Mar 11, 2016

They are not milking the same premises. Right now having a fantasy premise like this is popular. There's only really so many storylines in the world and they're based on Classics. This anime changes things by focusing on the characters themselves on more serious humor etc...

ammo1991 Jan 21, 2016

I think we watched two different animes, but oh well :P

ModernDayDreamer Jan 14, 2016

You seem like a real bro-dude dude-bro that I would totally throw down with at some random house party, hit on the the host's girlfriend, get our asses kicked in the alley behind the house, throw up in someone's yard as we stumble back home, realize we were going the wrong direction, decide that we're too shlammered to continue the journey, pass out in someone's garage while huddling together for warmth, and swear an oath to not speak of our misadventures to anyone until we're 80. Carry on.

UsagiDandere Jan 12, 2016

Good review! Even though I didn't enjoy this first episode as much as you did, but that's okay ^.^ I just wanted to say one thing though: Haruhiko wasn't "scared of tits". He was scared of making the poor girl even more uncomfortable, which he definitely was doing. His apology was totally warranted imo ;[