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The Lady and the Beast

Nov 28, 2020

Reincarnation is and will likely always be a weak genre when it comes to manga. It's a genre with a lot of complexity, and the people who write it don't bother with complexity. They're just after the romance. But because they don't consider the complexity, the romance comes off like a child wrote it. The reader ends up considering more than the writer in a casual reading, and that cheapens the work.

This is no exception.

The protagonist is an OP character rather than a Mary Sue, and I found her boring.

The story is bland. I ask myself how much I care if the leads live happily ever after, and I don't. At all. I ask myself where this story is going and I find any place it could go is a place that is dull.

As far as character design goes, I think the character's personalities are fine. I like the histories they were given. But the physical design is a bit too much. It is ridiculous to think that a reincarnation would maintain the physical appearance of a previous incarnation. The genes are different. And it's equally ridiculous that the newest incarnation would be so easily triggered into the reaction she had considering how memory works.

Basically, this manga doesn't just require you not to think to hard, but not to think at all.

If you can accept a manga waving the lack of all logic in your face like a red flag, and that it's basically going nowhere even if you can switch your brain off, then you will love this. Oh and you have to also be square with her basically trying to rape an animal.

1/10 story
6/10 art
4/10 characters
2/10 overall

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Shampoliny Jan 16, 2021

''Reincarnation is and will likely always be a weak genre when it comes to manga''
This is so wrong, isekai/timetravel is one of the backbones of anime/manga. Without these kinds of genre we wouldnt have had alot of good anime/manga. 
A few examples could be 
- Saga of tanya the evil 
- Re:zero 
The begining after the end
Moshi fanren
A returners magic should be special
- Release that wich
Reverend insanity
- So im a spider, so what?

But lately the new anime/manga for this type of genre isnt adding anything new to it. 
The same when it comes to martial arts manga, its copy and paste.