I'm here for the gay (the LGBT+ anime discussion thread)

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BL or GL?

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  1. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member

    Well generally speaking, sex in anime that goes beyond showing handholding in bed after the fact is saved for hentai, in which laying it all out in way that pleases the audience is the whole point. TV anime can't really do "tasteful" sex (that isn't heavily obscured through shadows, angles or metaphors), and whenever they can, tastefulness is far from what's intended to begin with.
  2. Starletka

    Starletka Silver Supporter

    I was looking for the pink fluff censorship scene in Love Stage!! to add, but I found something better instead:

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  3. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    There is a tendency regarding most romance to have people getting into relationships that are built on basically nothing except sex, so I guess for some people it almost seems mind-blowing to see a relationship based on other things.
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  4. Akishima

    Akishima Well-Known Member

    Having embarrassingly binged 110 chapters of the bl manhua Black Lotus over the past two days, I think I can safely say that it doesn't really add anything to the gay discussion- swap out the ukes for girls and the story would still work fine for the most part. But if you want to read what's basically a gay version of a shoujo richboy romance melodrama, this is it. Props for it actually having a plot beyond the romance and also for discussing abuse and trauma seriously and not normalizing it. I suppose if anything, that is the biggest takeaway- normalized abuse is so common in bl. There's also enough couples for just about everybody's preference and a nice sub-plot revolving around music. However, how it manages to be only shonen-ai with all adult characters is ridiculous. Can't believe it's still ongoing, and sadly, I'm probably gonna keep reading out of a morbid curiosity to see what drama the author cooks up next.
  5. howtoprocrastinate

    howtoprocrastinate Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I think I have a decent taste and then I remember I'm still following the storyline of this manhua. Definitely not the most interesting BL I've read, but I still read to see how it will end
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  6. Akishima

    Akishima Well-Known Member

    You know, the most entertaining thing about it is how much the author made the main seme and his boyfriend so hateable that literally all the chapter comments are just "hope they die horribly and the main uke never gets back together with him!" Like, I'm afraid the author is going to go the redemption route, and after what utter scum they've made both of them, I just don't see how they can do it without an asspull that negates any of the positives that have come out of the whole thing. So yeah, gotta see how it ends too.
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  7. Claptrap

    Claptrap Database Moderator

    I feel like you're all convincing me to read Black Lotus

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