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Have been an anime fan since middleschool (blame toonami/adult swim).  I usually watch romance, comedy, and action series but i am willing to try just about anything.  I also like unusual anime that suprise me, tengen toppa being a prime example (i usually dislike most mecha).  I'm always looking for recommendations to keep the boredom at bay.

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Sianeka says...

Hello and welcome to AP!  This site has the BEST recommendations! 

Just look up any anime you enjoyed, and look on the left side, click on the recommendations button, and see what other members of the site have recommended for folks who liked the source anime.  These are real recommendations from site members who have actually seen both anime, and often they can even lead you to specifics, like if you especially enjoyed one specific aspect of the anime, they can lead you to other anime with that same aspect. Not your typical generic recommendations! - Sianeka

Jan 31, 2014