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Rewatching: Saikano and RahXephon.

And since I'm here... hi ^^ I use too many emotes, and pretty much everything else in my life is also done in excess. 

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Sayaka Aug 13, 2014


How's the anime watching going? Watching anything you like?

As for my banner-

Meteor Shower | Noir [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=39072081

TaigaDee May 1, 2014

I feel so bad for not replying to you soon >_<;; anyhow i have been busy the past year with dealing with my training year and yesterday was my last day so now i am officially jobless :P for some reason i miss watching Kenshin so i am rewatching it now =D also I found out there is a new OVA that was released recently like 2011 ?? and i am excited since the art looks nice and Aoshi will be there XDD

Anyhow enough about me how about you ? how is everything ?? and when your summer vacation will start ? any new plans ??

AkumaSama Feb 28, 2014

Hello ;) I know this is random, but I saw on your bio that you are rewatching RahXephon. Do you recommend this anime? I have it on my want to watch list and have heard mixed reviews about this anime. I just wanted to ask you, Is it good? 

zeldire Feb 26, 2014

Hola~ Ah, I haven't finished the episode I was watching of Masters Sun yet -- I got caught up watching the Japanese dramas Gokusen (3rd season) and Saki, the Chinese drama, Can't Buy me Love, and Cheongdam-dong Alice. Ooo, I haven't checked out My Love from the Star yet. But yeah, that was a month or so ago. Since then, it seems like I'm taking a short break from dramas since I've been catching up on anime and reading new manga. 

Like I said, a lot of anime and manga -- though my family got me watching a couple a tv shows they're watching. All the anime I'm catching up on are about some pretty random things (which has been quite fun actually), and I'm letting the airing sports anime that I'm watching accumulate some more so I can have a mini marathon. As for manga, I've been in a "delinquent" mood, so I'm reading a bunch of different ones about school delinquency.  Other than that, I've just been buying more anime/manga merch filling up my place (bittersweet). What about you? What have you been up to?

Naga Feb 25, 2014

I’d reply sooner, but I had to direct my free time I usually spend on forums to some site work…

And damn, sounds bad. :I But as long as it’s going somewhere it should be fine. ;) Trust me, it’s better to have obligations that still give some sense of fulfillment instead of having too much time and never do anything right. Though, you’ll always want be in that other position in both cases.

As for me, I’m doing quite fine. I found a job – against all odds – and I somehow managed to fit into it. I’m working at a Kebab-sandwich-bar-thingy. Night shifts. And by fitting in, I meant to say that I got used to drunk-heads, hooligans, drunk kids, gambling addicts, alcoholics, junkies, and all other kinds of peeps that come occasionally and sometimes leave their vomit behind. Paycheck is fine, but the atmosphere is dreadful. And my boss is one major fuckface. But I don’t really work that much so it’s not a biggie. I have love/hate relationship with the job, really… I hear and see a lot of shit you probably wouldn’t believe, but it’s still entertaining in a way…

Oh yeah, I also become a moderator around here. Keeping the forums clean and participating in anti-bot crusade. :D

I already got my diploma a while ago. :P Lesions got boring so I directly applied for a test and passed. Now I have a certificate I can use as either a toilet paper or wall decoration so my mom gets some sense of pride out of it, because I quickly learned that it means jack shit for finding a job or anything like that, which is quite lovely… being exposed to real life for too long didn’t do much help, I guess… and I’m not so sure about the future. I’m still planning to become a pedagogic or a kindergarten teacher. :D And if that fails, I’ll just use connections and become someone important in police headquarters or smth… I felt terrible writing that last line out loud, but some things sadly work that way…

And yep, English is not my first or second language. I’m Croatian. :) I did know German a while back, but after I ended my studies it slowly died away… it just wasn’t anywhere around me so all my knowledge started to fade over years, and fast forward 5 years and here I am, unable to form a simple sentence. :C I’d love to learn Japanese, but I’m same as you. Motivation and determinations are big issues.

After completing Beyond the Boundary I couldn’t remember half the names… so you’re indeed correct. It’s dumb, cheesy, clichéd as hell, and infused with power of friendship in all of its moe glory. Would recommend gouging your eyes out instead. In contrast to that, Kill la Kill is still mad fun, and I still enjoy it immensely after 19 episodes. I’ll actually be quite sad when it finishes, but then I’ll get my hands on new JoJo and Mushishi, which is, if you’re me, the greatest thing that happened in last few years of anime airing. :D

Diabolik Lovers is utter shit without single merit, so you’re lucky you dodged that one. And if you’re interested in DTAB club, then this would be the most accurate description: “f there's a titty to be milked we'll find it, if there's a vampire munching on a burger, we'll be there, if there is a dub that sounds like it was recorded in the men's room of a truck stop then by god, we'll listen to it!“ – ZK In other words, it's a place where all masochists search for the shittiest anime ever made and watch them together. :D Here's our club.

I also like Noragami, which is not all that great, but has a lot of good sitdes. It's just that there's very little going on 8 episodes in. Plot is literally nowhere in sight. Frankly, others are pretty terrible. ImoCho is by far the shittiest of this season, so I'm oblighed to suffer through it. D-frag falls flat with its jokes because of unexperianced voice actors and bad execution. Space Dandy is unfunny to me, and it's jumping around with writers so quality is always questionable. Watanabe wrote the first episode that got me into it, then 3 other writers wrote episodes that range from bad to meh. Music is glorious and animation is nice, but I wouldn't be so eager to recommend it, really. Oh yeah, Pupa is dreadfully terrible. It's mostly porn and censored-to-point-of-blackscreen gorefest... but if your'e into siblings eating each others guts in a sexual way... then I still wouldn't recommend it. It's Deen. I hope that's enough.

I'm also catching up with Hunter X Hunter. 20 more episodes to go. XO It's pretty good if you're into shounen, but it has its faults. Latest arc in particular was hit and miss with me, but the villains are glorious.

So, what are you up to? Anything fun?