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Obviously I watch a lot of anime that is clear (n_n), so I guess I will post some other stuff about me.

I like to play games when I'm not busy with work and such. Generally, I like to play RPGs, FPSs, fighting, and adventure games. Currently I'm playing Guild Wars...when I can (!_!).

Musically I listen to a lot of rock, especially jrock and krock. Some of my favorite Japanese bands are Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Dir en Grey, Maximum The Hormone, Hearts Grow, Utada Hikaru, Girugamesh, DuelJewel, UVERworld, heidi., Abingdon Boys School, Antique Cafe, and Anna Tsuchiya. Some of my favorite Korean bands are Schizo, Bulldog Mansion, Cherry Filter, Seo Taiji, and The TRAX. Always on the look out for some new Jrock and Krock bands to listen too, so suggest if you know some good ones (o_o).

I also watch a lot of movies along with everything else. I generally like most horror and comedy movies, Spaceballs is probably my all time favorite comedy. I keep with the Asian theme of this bio, I list a few of my favorite Japanese and Korean movies: Oldboy, Guns & Talks, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Conduct Zero, Yesterday, Lady Vengeance, Marrying the Mafia, Jungle Juice, Jail Breakers, The Host, A Tale of Two Sisters, Azumi, Death trance, Audition, Versus, and Suicide Club.

I also enjoy programming from time to time. Lately, I have been playing with HTML, CSS, and SQL. Some of the other languages I have programmed in quite of bit are C++, JAVA, BASH, and Perl. I have had the chance to experiment with VB, Ruby, Python, Pascal, and Prolog. In the near future I hope to extend my knowledge of Ruby, Python, JAVA, and C++ even further, along with learning PHP and AJAX.

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sothis Jan 11, 2011

My sincere apologies for it taking so long to update your username ;_; it's done now, let me know if theres anything else i can do to help :)