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All young Ikki wants is to have his very own Medabot, but his parents insist that he purchase the machine with his own hard-earned money. Though he can't afford a top-of-the-line model, Ikki finds, by chance, a special medal in the river; with it, any Medabot will come to life and accept the commands of its owner. After a fellow classmate is bullied at school, Ikki rushes to buy an inferior model of Medabot and places his medal inside of it. While his new companion - which he dubs Metabee - is functional, there's one important problem: Metabee has a serious attitude problem and refuses to acknowledge Ikki's commands. Together, Ikki and Metabee will duel opponents such as the Rubberobo gang and local bullies while they prepare for an upcoming Robattle Tournament - but their worst opponents are each other! Will Ikki and Metabee stop arguing long enough to climb to the top?

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roriconfan Aug 7, 2012
Score 4/10

Anime based on some product are made solely to advertise it and start an addiction to its possible consumers (usually nerdy kids with loaded parents). As such, most game –based anime are quite lame, with childish scenario and carton characters being just an excuse to shovel us flashy techniques or strategies of the soon-to-follow game. Although this is sort of a scam, at least Medarot has a few jokes up... read more

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BBaker70014 Jan 24, 2015
Score 5.5/10

ok so this will be my first reveiw ever , i feel that medabots would be a good place to start as it dosent have meny reveiws posted to its page. i will have to give some warnings though as i did love this series because i watched it as a kid and it was my favorite anime from my child hood , also given that i watched it as a kid i did watch the english dub as most people would probably discredit my reveiw on... read more

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