Plawres Sanshiro

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Plawres is a highly competitive fighting sport, where remote controlled miniature robots duke it out in a ring. When the bratty Sanshiro and his friends from school enter the contest with their robot, Juohmaru, they take the Plawres community by a storm with their fantastic start. But as their reputation grows, they are forced to face one challenger after another. To cope with the new trials they encounter, Sanshiro must continually improve his skills in programming the robot and hone his fighting instincts and tactics. With the help of his friends and relatives, only the sky is the limit for Sanshiro and Juohmaru!

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Aug 16, 2012
Score: 5.5/10


Long before Pokemons and YuGiOh, there was Plawres…

A, good old Plawress! The third series (after Igano Kabamaru and Candy Candy) that initiated the first otaku frenzy in Greece back in the 80’s. It also happens to be the oldest title promoting toys through proxy battles.

The main story is quite simple. A boy named Sanshiro... read more


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