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In a world where creatures known as Pokemon roam and would-be trainers capture and battle the beasts, the young Ash Ketchum can’t be happier; he has finally reached the age when he can have his very first Pokemon! Along with the electrical Pikachu and human buddies Brock and Misty, Ash must embark on a journey to battle countless others and become the best Pokemon Trainer of them all! From the Johto region to the Orange Islands, there’s plenty of Pokemon to catch and adventures to find, even if the infamous Team Rocket stands in the way!

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Pokemon Movie 1: The First Movie Movie 1998 TBD
Pokemon: Pikachu's Summer Vacation Movie 1998 Same Franchise
Pokemon: The Origin of Mewtwo Other 1998 TBD
Pokemon Movie 2: The Power of One Movie 1999 TBD
Pokemon: Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Movie 1999 Same Franchise
Pokemon: Slowking's Day Other 1999 Same Franchise
Pokemon: Pikachu's Winter Vacation OVA 1999 TBD
Pokemon: Pikachu and Pichu Movie 2000 TBD
Pokemon Movie 3: Spell of the Unown Movie 2000 TBD
Pokemon: Pikachu's Winter Vacation 2000 OVA 2000 TBD
Pokemon: Pikachu's Pikaboo OVA 2001 TBD
Pokemon Movie 4: Pokemon 4Ever Movie 2001 TBD
Pokemon: Raikou - The Legend of Thunder TV Special 2001 Same Franchise
Pokemon: Pikachu's Winter Vacation 2001 OVA 2001 TBD
Pokemon Movie 5: Heroes - Latias and Latios Movie 2002 TBD
Pokemon: Camp Pikachu OVA 2002 TBD
Pokemon Advanced TV 2002 TBD
Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns TV Special 2002 TBD
Pokemon Chronicles TV 2002 TBD
Pokemon: Gotta Dance! TV Special 2003 TBD
Pokemon Movie 6: Jirachi Wish Maker Movie 2003 TBD
Pokemon: Pichu Bros. in Party Panic Other 2003 Same Franchise
Pokemon Movie 7: Destiny Deoxys Movie 2004 TBD
Pokemon: Pikachu's Summer Festival Other 2004 TBD
Pokemon: Pikachu's Ghost Carnival TV Special 2005 TBD
Pokemon Movie 8: Lucario and The Mystery of Mew Movie 2005 TBD
Pokemon: Pikachu's Island Adventure OVA 2006 TBD
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate! TV Special 2006 TBD
Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl TV 2006 TBD
Pokemon: The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon TV Special 2006 TBD
Pokemon Movie 9: Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea Movie 2006 TBD
Pokemon Movie 10: The Rise of Darkrai Movie 2007 TBD
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness TV Special 2007 Same Franchise
Pokemon: Pikachu Tanken Club Other 2007 Same Franchise
Pokemon Movie 11: Giratina and the Sky Warrior Movie 2008 TBD
Pokemon: Pikachu's Great Ice Adventure Other 2008 TBD
Pokemon Movie 12: Arceus and the Jewel of Life Movie 2009 TBD
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Final Adventure Through Time and Darkness TV Special 2009 Same Franchise
Pokemon: Pikachu's Great Sparking Search Other 2009 TBD
Pokemon Best Wishes! TV 2010 Same Franchise
Pokemon Movie 13: Zoroark - Master of Illusions Movie 2010 Same Franchise
Pokemon Ranger: Hikari no Kiseki Web 2010 Same Franchise
Pokemon: Pikachu's Big Mysterious Adventure Other 2010 TBD
Pokemon Movie 14: Black - Victini and Reshiram Movie 2011 Same Franchise
Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Special TV Special 2011 TBD
Pokemon Movie 14: White - Victini and Zekrom Movie 2011 TBD
Pokemon Movie 15: Kyurem vs. Seikenshi Movie 2012 Same Franchise
Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2 TV 2012 Same Franchise
Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2 Web 2012 TBD
Pokemon: Meloetta's Sparkling Recital Movie 2012 TBD
Pokemon Movie 16: Genesect and the Legend Awakened Movie 2013 TBD
Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2 - Episode N TV 2013 TBD
Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2: Dekorora Adventure TV 2013 TBD
Pokemon XY TV 2013 Same Franchise
Pokemon: The Origin TV Special 2013 TBD
Mewtwo: Kakusei e no Prologue Movie 2013 TBD
Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2 Extra Edition TV Special 2013 TBD
Pokemon XY Special: Road to Kalos TV Special 2013 TBD
Pokemon XY: New Year Special TV Special 2013 TBD
Pokemon Movie 17: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction Movie 2014 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Pokemon Ranger   TBD
Pocket Monsters 1996 TBD
Pokemon Adventures 1997 TBD
Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu 1999 TBD
Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure! 2006 TBD
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team 2006 TBD
Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea 2006 TBD
Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai 2007 TBD
Pokemon Ranger Batonnage 2008 TBD
Kaitou! Pokemon 7 2008 TBD
Pokemon: Giratina & the Sky Warrior! 2008 TBD
Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life 2009 Same Franchise
Pokemon: Zoroark - Master of Illusions 2010 Same Franchise
Pokemon ReBURST 2011 TBD
Name Role
Sayuri ICHIISHI Character Design
Ken SUGIMORI Character Design
Masamitsu HIDAKA Director
Norihiko SUDO Director
Shinji MIYAZAKI Music

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Explus yasar 447 Apr 17, 2014
Favorite Anime List Blackmagebrad 20 Apr 17, 2014
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Recommendations if you like Pokemon

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Digimon Season 1: Digital Monsters

Digimon Season 1: Digital Monsters

Seven kids are enjoying their summer when suddenly, a digivice appeared before them, and the next thing they know, they are in the "Digiworld." There, they meet creatures known as digimon. There are evil digimon in the Digiworld, but they are not bad in nature; rather, most of them have been turned evil by nefarious forces. Each child had a digimon waiting for them in the Digiworld; and though not all Digimon are strong, the digivice that the seven kids carry has the ability to allow their Digimon partner to evolve into a stronger type. Together, they will going to embark on a journey to save the Digiworld from pure evil and darkness!

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Things don't get much more alike than this. The creators of Digimon obviously saw the success of Pokemon and planned on getting as much out of the popularity as they could. The result was two series with similar creatures (you can't really call them monsters) and an almost identical concept. The main difference between the two is that Pokemon is competition-oriented, while Digimon is more about saving the world.


Both Pokemon and Digimon are about alternate universes where children befriend strange and adorable creatures. If you liked the little monsters in one series, definitely check out the other.


Being tailored for children, both Pokemon and Digimon are classics with a deep sense of fantasy and adventure that the young will especially enjoy. Both anime are in a unique genre of monster slavery - eh, I meant friendship - which will no doubt appeal to children who like pets.


Pokemon (pocket monsters) & Digimon (digital monsters) are probably the most similar anime out there. Targeting the same audience, both anime focus on a group of children who befriend and use summoned monsters to combat each other. This takes place in various tournaments (Pokemon) or for higher purposes (Digimon). They are so similar that you just can't go wrong! :)


Pokemon and Digimon are very similar. Each involves kids who must befriend and use strange creatures with various powers, in order to battle. Their journeys lead these kids to encounter many more creatures and meet lots of new friends.


Both series involve little animals or creatures which the main character must battle with against opponents. Both Digimon and Pokemon are more directed at a younger audience and have an innocent quality about them.


Both of these anime are about monsters and their human partners. Both rely on battles between said monsters and their partners to carry the viewer's interest.

There are 2 main differences between the two. One is the fact that digimon can talk. The second is that digimon has a battle between good and evil rather than just a journey like Pokemon.


There are similarities between Pokemon and Digimon as far as the conept and the design is concerned.

Both are anime about children and their adventures and journeys along with wierd and cute creatures, and the friendhips and bonds that are created along the way.

So, I believe that you'll like one of them if you liked the other!


They are both about human kids who partner up with animal-like creatures and travel together to save the world and learn more about themselves.


since digimon a is a copy of pokemon it is safe to say that if you like you may well like the othe.

Both invloe children teaming up with monsters to over come the problems that they face.


Both anime are based on fighting with different monster

Even tough the monsters are different in digimon the moster being digital and the fights are held in a strange digital world the anime have some similarities like the monster reaghing a stage where they get to evolve in somehting more powerfull

In both the anime the monsters are the leads characters ally and best friend in the same time


If you liked pokemon or digimon, the other ones just around your corner, they both involve traing your Monster to become the best there is and to defeat the evil monsters, or take over the gym


Both have animal like creatures with supernatural powers.

Almost every Pokemon/Digimon can evolve and become stronger to help their owner.

Both are about training and getting stronger.


They are both bascially the same thing. People with wierd animal creatures who have supernatural powers which do battle. Although Digimon is more on the save the world type anime whilst pokemon is a long journey by this one person. But as long as you like wierd creatures fighting each other you'll like them both seeing as that's the main theme in both these animes.


Both have a a bunch of kids that travel with odd creatures. On an adventure to reach their goals and to help save the world from dark forces at hand.


The similarities between these two shows are rather noticible straight away, with both shows involving small creatures that help the characters througout the show, with the differences being the point of the help.

Pokemon, are used for thir help in competitions and the such, whilst Digimon, are more for the saving the world and beating the bad guy.

Both with a good sense towards children and adventure, however involoving a small amount of maturity in parts.

A must watch if you like small creatures.


Both of these involve kids, with monster-like pets/friends, who travel around the world. The digimon/pokemon often battle others of their kind, although usually for difference reasons. The kids battle hard, to try and reach a ultimate goal, which seems to take forever to reach. The kids, pokemon, and digimon are always learning about themselves, others, and the world.


Pokemon keeps the monsters in balls, Digimon doesn't. Thats basically the only different.

Evolving, fighting, love triangles, journeying, coming of age. Its All there.


Pokemon and Digimon both are about creatures that are trained in battle. In Pokemon, these creatures are caught in the wild and kept in Pokeballs; they are then called out to battle other Pokemon. In Digimon, the creatures reside in a "Digital World" and are trained and evolved using a "Digivice"

The core concept of the two series is very similar; if you like one you should check out the other.


Pokemon and Digimon are the all most the same thing. Kids become freinds with creatures and they go on adventures together. Pokemon is mainly about trying to catch them and fight with them.


Pokemon has the most in common with Digimon seasons 1-2, because there's still a team of kids in a world full of unusual creatures with battles just around every turn. With emphasis on teamwork, strange monsters, and kids who won't accept defeat, these two shows are guaranteed to please the same audience.


Both have fights with different creatures. Both are similarly animated with similar character designs. There is a strong sense of friendship between the monster and their owner.


Both of them are children shows that I grew up on, they each ultimately center around friendships and responsibility. The children of both shows have companions to aid them in their journeys and to fend off foes. They were good times and still are for todays kids. A lot of early life lessons to be learned.



Beyblading is the latest rage; gyroscopes battle each other in different environments until one is knocked out. Only a true master can bring out a blade’s full potential and unleash the bitbeast within, though. To find out who the true blade master is, a tournament is held. While going up against a team of bio-enhanced beybladers, can the talented but hard-headed Tyson and his team, the Bladebreakers, master their bitbeasts and bring home the win?

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Both Beyblade and Pokemon are kiddy anime that use playful fights in a tournament style. Both have a fun and very lighthearted story as well. Though Beyblade is more oriented towards boys and Pokemon doesn't have a distinct audience, the age group they are aimed at is without a doubt the same.


Pokemon and Beyblade target the same audience, have a similar approach to battles, and have assorted merchandise and card games; this makes them similar to the comparison between Pokemon and Digimon. In both anime, a group of children own various creatures and have battles; you can't go wrong with this recommendation!


Both invloe people teaming up with monsters to over come the problems that they face so that they are able to reach their goals.


They are both about becoming the best, Tyson in beyblade will do almost anything to win and so does Ash from Pokemon.

It's all about training and becoming the best of the best.


They both have the same "win all the battles and become the champion!" thing but with other stories too, theirs the baddies and lots of new people to meet!


These are similar in the way people compete against each other, most often in tournaments, to become a champion. And of course, since they're directed at a younger audience, the main characters learn many life lessons about life, trust, courage, and friendship.


Beyblade and Pokemon have fairly similar storylines and if you like one of these, you're most likely going to like the other.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Ever since Yugi Mutou completed the Millennium Puzzle his life has changed; he's made friends, learned how to play the card game Duel Monsters and has gained more confidence in himself. After his grandfather is beaten in a duel he is challenged by Seto Kaiba, ranked number two in the world, but Yugi beats him regardless. Now, as a result of his victory, Yugi has attracted the attention of the game's creator, Pegasus. Yugi is then challenged to a dual in an alternate reality where magic brings the monsters to life, but is beaten and his grandfather's soul is taken. In order to retrieve it Yugi must now participate in a tournament against the best duelists in the world, defeat the game's creator, and learn more about the secrets within his Millennium Puzzle!

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Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon are about battling with monsters. Whether it is through a card or a Pokeball, it is just about the same concept. You should watch them both.


Yugi and Ash both have goals, which they reach using tools of their trade. For Ash, it's his Pokemon; for Yugi, it's his cards. Both series involve strategic battles, flashy monsters, and a little humor on occasion. With such similarities, who could love one and not the other?


Pokemon and YuGiOh both appeal a younger audience using well-drawn monsters to engage in battle. Both include some fighting and some tactics in their battles, yet keep the overall tone relaxed and more aimed towards children.


Imagine if the Pokemon anime series was based on the sucessful trading card series the video game spawned and you've got Yu-Gi-Oh in a nutshell. Yu-Gi-Oh like Pokemon is a very americanised anime perfect for saturday morning television. Taking a guess thats where many of the Pokemon fans still out their get their kick from so another anime similar wont have you dissapointed. So basically if you somehow havnt made the connection between them and still havnt watched Yu-Gi-Oh then you really should get your act together and start as im sure you wont regret it.


People compete in competitions, train, and enjoy friendly matches with their friends-these are basic themes in Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. On the way to become the best in the world at pokemon trainning or dueling, the main characters learn about themselves and the people around them.


The overall feel, the description, the genre, these two animes are so alike that it's impossible to hate one if you liked the other. To describe one is to essentially decribe the other. If you grew up watching one you grew up watching the other. 

watch it online now!

Dinosaur King

Dinosaur King

Max, Zoey and Rex are three kids who make up the D-Team - a team which is all about adventure! While investigating a fallen meteorite, the trio run across some mysterious dinosaur cards which, when activated, spit out a real life dinosaur! These cards were accidentally scattered around the world in a time traveling accident caused by the nefarious Dr. Z and his henchmen known as the Alpha Gang. Dr. Z aspires to create a dinosaur fighting arena and become the Dinosaur King himself, and he needs the cards - and dinosaurs within them - to accomplish his goal! Now, the D-Team must race against the clock to find the cards first and free the dinosaurs from the ultimate villains!

my list:

not rated
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Dinosaur King is pretty much a blatant ripoff of Pokemon and is inferior in every way (including absolutely terrible CG animation); nevertheless, it's easy to see why fans of one might like the other. Each involves a group of kids who have to collect items and engage in battles against evil, with cute characters (pokemon or dinosaurs) as part of the mix. In addition, the dub voice actors are IDENTICAL for the main good/bad characters in both Pokemon and Dinosaur King.

So if you liked DK, check out the superior Pokemon; if you liked Pokemon, you can check out DK -- just keep in mind it pretty much sucks.


since dinosaur king a is a copy of pokemon it is safe to say that if you like you may well like the othe.

Both invloe children teaming up with monsters to over come the problems that they face.


first of, both have the same, 'collect them all and become a master' type feel to them, secondly, if you love silly villans who never seem to get things right, they both have these, and plus, what better than both animes having the same voices,


that little girl from the Alpha team-Misty


Like sothis said, Dinosaur King is basically a rip off a Pokemon. It even goes so far as to use the same voice actors as Pokemon including Ash's/Delia's voice actor, who also plays the main character in Dinosaur King and the main character's mom (exactly like Pokemon), and Jessie's voice actor who plays a similar character to Jessie in this one. In Dinosaur King, the people aim to become the 'Dinosaur King' while in Pokemon, the people aim to become Pokemon Masters. Really, if you like one, you will probably like the other. Pokemon may be more for people who like cute creatures in general, but Dinosaur King is better for those who want more realistic creatures and have a liking for the dinos.

watch it online now!



Yugi Mutou was a boy who was constantly bullied – until one day he managed to put together an ancient and mysterious puzzle that no one has been able to solve for two hundred years. Now, whenever Yugi's friends are threatened, a strange transformation occurs, and Yugi seems to become an entirely different person. This transformed Yugi is a master of games, and uses these spontaneously-invented games to trap and to punish the bad guys. At the end of each game, his opponent appears to suffer a painful death; but it is soon revealed that this was all in their minds – or was it?

my list:

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Both invloe people teaming up with monsters to over come the problems that they face so that they are able to reach their goals.


Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh both ahve a lot a like, for instance i got into both of them because of the card game that i played and collected, then there was an anime to follow!


If you like the anime which is based around battle tournaments and gaming, I reccomend this anime highly.

Both protaganists care for their friends highly but also want to reach the top of their game.

Both are rather light hearted but have a darker theme in them as well. (Even though this darker theme isn't really dark, it just is in comparison to the rest of the show. )

If you enjoyed one then you will enjoy the other.


Both these series are based of collecting trading and battling. Both main characters are battling there way to achieve there goals.