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Peach Girl

Aug 26, 2010

I can't believe the low scores all my fellow reviewers have given this anime. This anime is by far my favorite anime ever. Perhaps they only watched the horrible, terrible funimation dub... It was truly awful, changed alot of the characters' personas and had them say/do things that were out of character for them. Not to mention the annoying tendency that they felt that they had to explain every single little thing and spell it out for the viewer. I remember the scene where a girl decides to trip momo by extending her leg in the class, Momo trips and the girl's leg shows a bandaid like symbol as an animation technique to kinda show the impact of the fall. Funimation decides to make Momo say "Nice hair removal strips". I can assure you in the fansubbed version she never said anything so ridiculous.

The original (japanese subbed) version though is much more enjoyable. If you have only ever watched the dub, please go back and give the sub a chance.

Or it is possible they do not like slice of life, romance, shoujo, josei anime. In which case, I have to wonder how much salt their reviews actually hold.

There is no way that this series deserves anything less than a 10 really... but to give it 4's and 6's?..

Peach girl does drama well... It makes you hate/loathe the main "villain" who without fail each and every episode does everything in her power to interfere with Momo's happiness. Each and every episode ends on a huge cliff hanger and keeps you guessing right up til the end. It makes you love the girl and her two main love interests, although by far I loved Kyrie more. Kyrie would be my version of the ideal boyfriend. He wants to be with Momo, but knows that Momo loves someone else. He loves Momo so much that he does anything to see her happy, even if it causes him pain (IE helping her relationship with his competition.) Kyrie is also incredibly charming, funny, outgoing, type A personality. I don't see how anyone could not totally love him. He also has an underlying sadness and more depth than most characters in other shows. It's not really til the end of the series that his painful past is revieled to the audience.

The great thing about Peach Girl, aside from the immensely love-able characters, is the TENSION. The main theme song (which I adore) is called Heavy Tension Baby. And that's a very fitting title for this anime. The beauty of the series is Momo does not know how she really feels about the characters until it is almost too late. And therefore, neither does the audience. You don't know which one she will end up with until the VERY last episode.

Most other series in the genre are quite transparent and by midway through you can guess who the main girl will pick... But with Peach Girl she changes her mind about 4 or 5 times throughout the series, so you really don't know what to expect. Just when you think she'll be a better match for one, something dramatic happens to throw a major wrench in the relationship and she runs to the other. Constantly ping ponging between her two loves... until she finally realizes at the end the importance of love... the feeling that... if you never seen the person again... you couldn't bear to go on. Only the crushing feeling that she had made a mistake and it was too late, brought her emotions into clear, painful focus.

The story has hot button issues too like rape, teen pregnancy, abuse, teen-suicide, and peer pressure. While it might seem like a cute little love story on the surface, it actually has some heavy topics.

The art work is very stylistic. It doesn't have the typical big eyes, small mouth type of look. The characters actually have lips. Momo's hairstyle changes every few episodes. The eyes are more boxy/asian shaped instead of round, and of course Momo's dark skin, give the art style a very unique look.

I really don't understand how anyone could not love this show. :) But differen't strokes for different folks as they say.

I highly recommend to not watch the funimation dub. Watch it with subtitles or read the manga instead :)

10/10 story
6/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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