Peach Girl



Peachie's avatar By Peachie on Mar 6, 2010

Story: Momo Adachi is despised by everyone in her class for being the school slut and general bitch of her peers. The only problem is that everything they say about her is false. Poor Momo is being stereotyped because of her tan skin and bleached hair . Because of her sensitive skin and previous role as a middle school swim champ, Momo is often confused for a ganguro girl and everyone sees her as a bimbo without getting to know her. Not only that, but Momo’s only friend is the backstabbing whore who gave Momo such an undeserved reputation. And now she’s set her sights on Momo’s long time crush, Toji, with the intention of causing our heroine more heartache. 7/10

I’m just gonna put this out there now: If you hate wall banging drama, chick flicks/stories, petty high school problems, and/or any sub genres’ that pertain to that, run far away and never return. That’s not to say I didn’t like the story, I did, it just takes a certain amount of patience and at times restraint to not want to hurl something at your television every other episode. The story in itself is pretty simple; it’s about a disliked high school girl, her first love, and her “best friend” trying to sabotage their relationship. Not exactly deep, but entertaining at times. The story is exactly what it say’s it is: High School Drama. They act like it’s the end of the world every damn day, that's not an exaggeration.

Animation: I’ll be honest, I’m no animation expert, and sometimes after reading a professional review I don’t even know what the hell their talking about. I’m just your humble fan sitting on her couch who doesn’t always notice if the animation is choppy or not. I’ll do my best with my laughable capabilities. It’s a bit colorful and bright. And that’s all I have to say about that. Seriously, it’s pretty standard stuff, nothing outrageously gorgeous but not bad. Average overall.5/10

Sound: I watched the dub and the VA’s were pretty good actually. A certain voice stays a little monotonous at times but most of the actors had the timing and tone down. When they’re happy, their voices say so, and when they’re heartbreakingly, depressingly sad (which is often), if reflects in their voices. Now that’s all good, but the music is a different story.  I’m not gonna pretend like I can break down the music and tell exactly what’s wrong, cause I can’t. I can only say that it’s bland, repetitive, and forgettable. I will say this, as much as it pains me to admit, I did find myself tapping my toe to the opening after seven or so episodes which is really embarrassing if you’ve heard just how bad it is.6/10

Characters: There’s only four main character’s: Main girl character everyone thinks is a whore but isn’t, the boy she love’s, her backstabbing best friend, and the guy she can’t stand at first but then starts to like thus opening the door to a love triangle. A big problem with the story is lack of character development. Except for one of them, by the end of the series you’ll look at who they are and who they were and realize there is little to no difference. Another problem is the poor motive behind many of their behaviors. For example: we have a character later introduced who is so cruel and calculating that he pretty much orchestrates an attempted rape of a high school girl, but there’s not much reason. We never get into the reason behind the characters we don’t understand them all the time. They don’t learn from their mistakes which is why you’ll bang your head against that wall for an hour. You've been warned, they’re not incredibly deep. 6/10

Overall: I’d say fans of Drama, (no I’m mean you live on drama) will like it. Romance fans may like it as well especially if you love love triangles with back and forth decision making on who to choose and angsty stuff like that, but watch it if you like the more realistic romances of shows such as Nana or Paradise Kiss, this stuff is a little more over the top, you may in fact see the troubles in these relationships as trivial  comparatively. Others who should avoid: the obvious action/adventure fan, people who dislike drama or sadness in their stories, etc. The entire series is nothing but petty drama about not judging people and trusting the one you love. The best advice if you’re still not sure is to watch the first episode or two and if you like the flow of that you’ll love the rest. If not, it doesn’t get any better. 6/10

7/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
nasreen10's avatar By nasreen10 on Jan 28, 2010

Story: I am ashamed to say that I watched all of this anime. It was addicting but not good. Senseless fluff with pointless drama. The areas that were probably supposed to be funny or serious fell flat. The only reason it's as high as it is because I found myself unable to stop. Maybe I was incredible bored and even Peach Girl was able to hold my interest or maybe the anime is secretly laced with cocaine, I'm not sure. Definitely not impressed. However, if you like typical shojo ("annoying stupid girl finds stellar boy who loves her"), you might like this.

Animation: Decent for an anime at for it's time period. Characters weren't very visually appealing but not awful. The background and costumes were generic. I'm not much of a fan of the animation but it wasn't memorable and, quite frankly, just plain. The opening for some reason really annoyed me. It made Momo look both stupid and sluttly which she is both but that's not the first impression I should be able to make by the opening alone.

Sound: Like the animation, it was decent but forgettable. I only liked two songs, one that played at some of Kiley's moments and the ending. Not much to say for the rest of it.

Characters: Oh goodness, some hella annoying characters. It's not that the characters are flawed but it's that their personalities are screwed to the point of self mutilation. Momo must of been dropped on the head as a child because some her thought processes make such little sense. Toji and Kirey's development make them less likable. Sae is obviously supposed to be hated but even the attempt to make her likable was ineffective. The characters were far from likable and I ended up not caring what happened to them.

Overall: Only if you were really bored with nothing to watch, I might, on an off day, recommend this to you. It was addicting for some reason and I'm embarassed to say so.  Actually, if you wanted some drama and romance, you might like this as well. However, prepare to be throughly annoyed by these characters.

5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
whiteneko's avatar By whiteneko on Aug 26, 2010

I can't believe the low scores all my fellow reviewers have given this anime. This anime is by far my favorite anime ever. Perhaps they only watched the horrible, terrible funimation dub... It was truly awful, changed alot of the characters' personas and had them say/do things that were out of character for them. Not to mention the annoying tendency that they felt that they had to explain every single little thing and spell it out for the viewer. I remember the scene where a girl decides to trip momo by extending her leg in the class, Momo trips and the girl's leg shows a bandaid like symbol as an animation technique to kinda show the impact of the fall. Funimation decides to make Momo say "Nice hair removal strips". I can assure you in the fansubbed version she never said anything so ridiculous.

The original (japanese subbed) version though is much more enjoyable. If you have only ever watched the dub, please go back and give the sub a chance.

Or it is possible they do not like slice of life, romance, shoujo, josei anime. In which case, I have to wonder how much salt their reviews actually hold.

There is no way that this series deserves anything less than a 10 really... but to give it 4's and 6's?..

Peach girl does drama well... It makes you hate/loathe the main "villain" who without fail each and every episode does everything in her power to interfere with Momo's happiness. Each and every episode ends on a huge cliff hanger and keeps you guessing right up til the end. It makes you love the girl and her two main love interests, although by far I loved Kyrie more. Kyrie would be my version of the ideal boyfriend. He wants to be with Momo, but knows that Momo loves someone else. He loves Momo so much that he does anything to see her happy, even if it causes him pain (IE helping her relationship with his competition.) Kyrie is also incredibly charming, funny, outgoing, type A personality. I don't see how anyone could not totally love him. He also has an underlying sadness and more depth than most characters in other shows. It's not really til the end of the series that his painful past is revieled to the audience.

The great thing about Peach Girl, aside from the immensely love-able characters, is the TENSION. The main theme song (which I adore) is called Heavy Tension Baby. And that's a very fitting title for this anime. The beauty of the series is Momo does not know how she really feels about the characters until it is almost too late. And therefore, neither does the audience. You don't know which one she will end up with until the VERY last episode.

Most other series in the genre are quite transparent and by midway through you can guess who the main girl will pick... But with Peach Girl she changes her mind about 4 or 5 times throughout the series, so you really don't know what to expect. Just when you think she'll be a better match for one, something dramatic happens to throw a major wrench in the relationship and she runs to the other. Constantly ping ponging between her two loves... until she finally realizes at the end the importance of love... the feeling that... if you never seen the person again... you couldn't bear to go on. Only the crushing feeling that she had made a mistake and it was too late, brought her emotions into clear, painful focus.

The story has hot button issues too like rape, teen pregnancy, abuse, teen-suicide, and peer pressure. While it might seem like a cute little love story on the surface, it actually has some heavy topics.

The art work is very stylistic. It doesn't have the typical big eyes, small mouth type of look. The characters actually have lips. Momo's hairstyle changes every few episodes. The eyes are more boxy/asian shaped instead of round, and of course Momo's dark skin, give the art style a very unique look.

I really don't understand how anyone could not love this show. :) But differen't strokes for different folks as they say.

I highly recommend to not watch the funimation dub. Watch it with subtitles or read the manga instead :)

10/10 story
6/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
xXAmatouXx's avatar By xXAmatouXx on Sep 28, 2010

A very 'spunky' programme with plenty of pazzaz, Momo is very powerful, wonderfully inspirational and loveable, I love how you learn to feel srry for her friend, even if she was a bully, you learn she really does have a heart, deep down.


9/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
ames's avatar By ames on Dec 18, 2009

After watching the whole series of Peach Girl last night, I have to say I am disappointed.  In fact I would relate this story to a train wreck happening in slow motion and even though its horrible, you can't look away. What I mean to say is I didn't enjoy the story but I had to finish it to see what happens in the end.

First off, I understand that the whole appeal is the Momo-chan is supposed to be different and stand out by being tan.. but I honestly couldn't relate to her character like that.  Second, this whole love triangle really confuses me.  I don't like how you can say you love someone and then switch to someone else so quickly.  My interpretation of it was saying, its okay to cheat because the other person will eventually forgive you.. - so I was a bit perturbed, and honestly I hated Sae with a vengeful passion.  Who could even imagine such a horrible character?

Overall I would watch it if your desperate for an anime to watch like I was.. but on my scale it gets a 4.

5/10 story
4/10 animation
4/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall