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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Apr 14, 2012

Yugioh 5'ds has to be one the greatest anime series I have ever seen. It wasn't afraid to go after dark themes such as death and beytral ( to name a few). It wasn't as overly done as yugioh! or yugioh GX imo.

Story 9/10

The stroy was amazing in the fact each character actually had a role to play in it. I also liked the idea of riding duels ( even if i didn't think it was that good at first) because it was differnt from the other series. I also play the actual card game and I have to say I loved the introduction of sycnhro monsters in the series. Why? Because this time around they themselves ( more spefically the dragon synchros used by the main characters) had a role to play in the story and weren't just used because they were used 1000x by the main characters (ie. neos and dark magicain). The only complain i have is after the dark signer arc you really don't get to see that many female duelists duel when compared to males. ( Hell I think Ruka only got to duel twice the whole seris were as Rua got more than that)

Animation 9/10

The animation was all around pretty good probally cause it was recently made.

Sound. 9/10

I loved the sound. Each ost actually tied into what was going on in the episode. For example the first time I head "  Legend of the People of the Stars " was planning when yuesi duels jack early in the begining of the series sent a shiver down my spine.

Characters 10/10

Definatly the main thing that made this anime stand out. You have a head strong protag who isn't a childish good-to-shoes that actually treasures freindship, an egostic rival who's actually managed to beat the protag more than a couple times and really grow as person and as well as girl who you see gets treated as a "psychopathec" monster by other people ( this to name a few). Character devolpment is really shown throughout the series espcially with someone like Rua who goes from a brat who acts tough to a man who has the balls to protect his sister. Everyone plays a vital role somehow or another. For example carly in particular I thought she was gonna be another joke character until after her encounter with divine. You also learn about everyones pasts and you can actually understand why the hell certain characters end up the way they are. Like I said  before though I wish after the dark signer arc there could have been more emphaize on characters like Carly or Misty ( who pratically disapeers after the dark signer arc). But well imo its no big deal.

Overall: 9.5/10

Yugioh 5'ds is an anime that anyone should watch espcially if your a shouen genere type of person. Sure its not another one of those series where people just restort to voilence for everything, but either way the story characters and everything else will probally be some of the best youll ever see in the yugioh universe

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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