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I'm member of AniDB community, joined AP in 09 and left soon after. Now I'm coming back here after 3 years. AniDB still remains my main anime database.

I have been watching anime since 1999. The first anime I have seen was Yuu Yuu Hakusho on TV which really hooked me. Since then, I tried to watch as many anime as possible. I was watching anime on TV and VHS but anime was very hard to obtain in my country in that time. Getting the internet in 2004 finally gave me an unlimited acces to all anime. Now I watch pretty much everything I find when I have some spare time.

Besides anime, I love japanese music, especially j-trance and techno, touhou music, remixes and other doujin stuff. Favourite singers are NAO, Rurutia, angela, Kokia, Kotoko, Shikata Akiko. Favourite doujin artists are zts, SHO, Demetori, CROW'SCLAW, Taishi, Tsukasa, Iron Attack and some others.

Besides that I like basketball, table tennis, skating and fantasy literature.

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