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Since I did the other list

20 JAN

I figured it would be great fun to make a... Does Not Want List Have fun!... read more

Angel Beats!

15 APR

I should have went with my gut and not bothered with it. It made me angry :( Now the choice will be if I continue it or not.At least it actually got a... read more

After War Gundam X

15 APR

Totally understand why it was the only one ever to get canned. BORING and the characters aren't likable at all. I generally wish for the main leading ... read more

Onegai My Melody

31 MAR

It's like they mixed Shugo Chara with Pretty Cure and added some music to it cause they sing a lot in Onegai My Melody grrrrrrThis show is so girly it... read more

Dear flower girl

17 MAR

In macross 7.I hate you.Lovechii... read more

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