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Carpenter Brut North America tour dates announced - Seattle in March, BEST DAY EVER!!!! Dec 20, 2016

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Viewing thread ANIME errors, questions and addition requests, Jan 17, 2017 at 9:36 AM
    1. sothis
      Carpenter Brut North America tour dates announced - Seattle in March, BEST DAY EVER!!!!
    2. sothis
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    3. sothis
      Today is stressful as hell
    4. sothis
      Perturbator is doing a USA tour in 2017. One of the 6 total stops is Seattle. Beyond excited.
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      2. Schizm
        I really dig synthwave these days and this year's "The Uncanny Valley" by Perturbator was pretty kick-ass! Lucky you.
        Oct 24, 2016
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      3. sothis
        Oct 25, 2016
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      4. Schizm
        Carpenter Brut is pretty rad as well and I can imagine them pulling off an awesome show. I'd love to see Lazerhawk someday, since that guy (and Drive) got me into synthwave stuff to begin with.

        Yeah, I use Spotify from time to time. Nice list :) I didn't even know of Gost, but they sound amazing!
        Oct 26, 2016
    5. LupaLunae
      Can I ask what's going on in the manga tag submission thread? Before, if you posted there you'd get a response within a week, but for a while now it's taken much longer, and sometimes you don't even get a response. I get it if the moderators are busy, I just thought I'd bring it up since tag requests seem to be piling up. I was also wondering if there's anything I can do to help
      1. ZetsubouKaiji
        I apologize about this @LupaLuae but life has suddenly gotten busy for me. I am aware of the posts in the thread and will be getting to them.
        Oct 22, 2016
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      2. LupaLunae
        Don't worry about it, I was just curious :)
        Oct 23, 2016
    6. LupaLunae
      Hey! I can't figure out what's going on with the character submissions. It's been months since any new completed ones have been posted, and neither of the links posted in that thread work for me. Basically, I'm just wondering what's going on
      1. Kari5
        Sep 11, 2016
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    7. Transporter
      Hi, sothis! I'd like to change my AP username, but it seems that the thread is closed :/ I've seen that there are other people with the same problem I have, so... what can I do? How can I change my nickname?
      Sorry for the disturb and thank you.
    8. StabbedBit
      Hi there, I'm looking for a way to change my username into Gelunox, but it seems the forum thread to request this is closed. I've searched forum and main site, the username does not seem to be taken. Would be nice if I could get rid of my old (and semi-depressing) username.
    9. Ikado
      Hello can you please tell me in which forum do I have to go in order to suggest an anime/manga that is not existing on this site? Because for some reason the forum that I was going to everytime to do so doesn't seem to work.
    10. sothis
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b
    11. sothis
      Uh oh! Cat Doughnut will return, and let's not forget Breast Claw
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