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  • Yaoi Fangirls' Wishful Thinking; No Logic, No Evidence, No Possibility

Yaoi Fangirls' Wishful Thinking; No Logic, No Evidence, No Possibility

12 NOV

My Argument Summarised

The term yaoi is a portmanteau of the phrase yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi which is Japanese for no climax,no point, no meaning. Aptly so, becuase it's never an attempt at any great work of art or even just a meaningful plot, it's just hedonism because the purpose of sex is reproduction and it was only made fun so we would bother doing it so humanity would continue to exist, that's all. As if that's not bad enough the pathetic excuses for plots in yaoi fangirls' fanfictions tend to involve a pair that were never even hinted at being gay, the yaoi fangirls just look for parts of shows which aren't even yaoi showing 2 of the males getting along well and then the yaoi fangirls wishfully think that this shows that the 2 charachters are homosexual even though at no time did anyone who worked on the show say that they were nor did the show have any intention of even hinting that the 2 charachters were.

Example 1: Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing is a show about people (mainly males) in robots fighting one another. Needless to say Gundam Wing is not a romance anime. The director himself said that none of the chrachters were in love with any of the others. If Heero and Relena weren't together and Treize and Lady Une weren't together and Noin and Zechs weren't together then there's no hope Heero and Duo and Trowa and Quatre were together.

Example 2: Light Yagami and L Lawliet from Death Note

Death Note is a show about a teenage boy who hates everyone and is frustrated by rising crime rates all over the world. One day he stumbles across a death note and uses it to take over the world by killing criminals and anyone who disagrees with him. The boy tasked with stopping him is L. At least in Gundam Wing Heero and Duo were on the same side. Love's no rational thing itself but a person doesn't suddenly go from wanting to catch a mass murderer to being in love with one. The supposed confirmation of the boys' homosexuality is the scene in the episode in which L dies where L washes Light's feet. In the Bible Jesus washed the feet of the disciples (his closest followers) the night before he died. One of them would betray him. At the time Light was pretending to be L's friend and they had in fact teamed up for a while to take down the heads of the Yotsuba Group. Like Jesus, L knew before he washed the feet when he would die and who would kill him. One male washes the feet of another male whom he knows will kill him soon in spite of being close to him, definitely biblical symbolism. After all, in the first opening Light grabs an apple and is clearly the bad guy, like Adam. His partner in crime Misa is even worse (Light spared the not convicted or mentally ill criminals,Misa just set about killing all of them). Definitely an earlier biblical reference. A scene being so similiar to one in a book which states "a man must not lie with another man as a man lies with a woman, it is an abomination" being a homosexual one? I highly doubt it.

The (flimsy) defence for seeing homosexuality where there isn't any is that there supposedly has been homosexual subtext in anime before. Well maybe there was but people just can't seem to tell a bromance* or a womance (the same thing but they're women) from homosexuality or both. Thing is, the yaoi fangirls are looking for it in EVERYTHING. This kind of thing has to be treated on a case-by-case basis. For example Shino from Kin-iro Mosaic and Kaorin from Azumanga Daioh both seem equally interested in Alice and Sakaki respectively but Shino isn't marked lesbian while Kaorin is. Only 2% of people are homosexual anyway so in an anime that doesn't take a position on homosexuality one way or another (i.e virtually all non-yaoi or non-yuri anime) you tell me what the point of having a homosexual character would be. In today's world of flase dichotomies and hypersexuality it may surprise people to know that before grown people of the same gender who were straight slept in the same bed and they weren't even experimenting either.

* When 2 men are such good friends you'd swear they're gay.

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