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Kagaku na Yatsura

A word that sums up this show is tits. Everything about this show is tits. Tits. If you’re looking for something else than boob milking, chest groping or nipple sucking, then you should better walk away in this instant. Anyways, when I think about it, calling this show tits-only extravaganza is a bit of an understatement. This show also features some fine animated tentacle rape, robotic arm molestation, monster rape (by some classy Minotaur none the less), and all different variations of sexual deviancy. So in the end, we could agree that the show is versatile in its over-the-top lewdness. Does that actually count as a good thing? Nope. It’s impossible to masturbate to this (for me, at least). Sure, there are worse things out there, and there’s ones that produce more fuel for nightmares in first 2 minutes, but it doesn’t make this shit looking any better. It’s all crap. I mean, unless milking and that entire giant breast obsession is your coup of tea. In that case, you’ll maybe even enjoy this gibberish.

Writing is tits and plot is either nothing or tits. No real concept or anything beside tits. It’s even shitty as a hentai, and since it’s not even that, it’s just shit anime.

Animation is a complete meh. Design is generic and nothing stands out beside breast animation, breast motions and milk pouring… shit, I felt weird writing this. Music is below average at best. It’s just your classical repetitive music you could hear in every hentai. And to be honest, some hentai have better music than this. Nothing stands out and nothing feels good.

Characters are complete nonsense without development, personality… why am I even bothering? To sum it up in best way possible, you won’t think of them at any point as anything beside sexual deviants or rape victims.

All in all: you’ll either watch it because you’re a masochist or because you actually like what I listed. In case you’re a normal person or at least feel like one, you’ll avoid this and forget this review as soon as possible. It’s for your own good.

Best girl: no girls in this show, just cows wearing human skin

0.5/10 story
5.5/10 animation
3/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
2/10 overall

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