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Anime is my addiction.

*It appears this site is still being worked on, I can't see my top 5 so I tried to copy paste here, I'm sure it will all be smoothed out soon and I'm looking forward to it!

1.Elfen Lied

2.Death Note

3.Samurai Champloo


5. Bleach

Continued fav's:

6. Gantz

7. Dragon Ball (the entire series, db, dbz and dbgt)

8. Rurouni Kenshin

9. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

10. Naruto (subtitled or don't bother, they destroy it on cartoon network)

11. Denou Coil

12. Angelic Layer

13. Hikaru No Go

I recommend watching in Japanese with subtitles or not at all, seriously they butcher it when translated.

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Entrility Nov 24, 2008

Dennou Coil <3

SpineShank Jul 29, 2008

That would be pretty sweet! But Sothis and company would have to make so many GIFs that it wouldn't even be funny. I had a hard enough time finding them for my top 10 let alone a couple thousand different anime^^. Abd you've got a great top 13, any of those that I haven't seen I'll have to check out, If you like them chances are I would too^_^

mekosoldier Jun 18, 2008

SUP nice top 5 all of them rock. looks like we like a lot of the same stuff

SpineShank Jun 16, 2008

Woah! evrything about your profile is amazing! Especially your Avatar (Elfen Lied is Amazing{it's my #2})

Toyashi May 12, 2008

i was quite chocked the first time i saw elfel lied..

it was ekstremly violent compared to the anime i useally saw at the time..and the animation was indeed great too..i've only seen a few anime's so far that are as great as that :D