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12 AUG

First blog thing xD

Don't know what to write..  I like Kana Anaberal from PC-98 Touhou series, as you can see.  Wish I can add her to "I like this character" list thing..  I like drama stuff and comedy (with slice of life usually) and horror (I can take grotesque things, but I don't watch things that just have grotesque deaths or something because those aren't scary o-o).  Hates mecha stuff (I don't know why, I just always have), somewhat dislike pure romance (I don't mind it when it's used for dramas :D), and sport stuff (inf. loop ftw?).  I can speak and type (unfortunately, I forgot how to write Kanjis irl.  I can read most of them with ease though) fluent Japanese (native language), so I can watch raw stuff without any problem (I might be able to go around translating stuff too if anyone wants it).  And a little warning from native Japanese speaker (not trying to offend anyone >.>), don't trust the translations completely.  I've seen so many mistakes in subs, mangas, etc., that I stopped trusting them.  They say 80% of Japanese can't learn full English, it probably goes the other way around too.

Yay for a lot of parenthesisesesesesessss

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Daedra avatar Daedra
Aug 14, 2011

I'm also a fan of touhou, but unfortunately have yet to play any of the games. I tried learning to speak Japanese by buying the Rosetta Stone program 3 years ago. I used it about 3-4 weeks than got too busy/lazy to continue. I may try again in the future.

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