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Thanks for checking out my profile! My name is Stone, however on the internet I go by nOm nom NOM3. I came to AP when I began to watch anime regularly so around my freshman year of highschool. my favorite kind of anime generally has a darker vibe or is bloody and violent. some examples are Darker Than Black, Claymore, Balck Bullet, Akame ga Kiru! ect. when I am not wathcing anime chances are I am playing League of Legends. League is BY FAR my favorite pc game.

I play League of Legends (NA), if you play my summoner name is n0m nom NOM3

you can also find me on steam where I go by fiendkiller82

the other games that I play regularly include...

top 10 anime

1. Fullmetal Alchemist

2. CLANNAD (Afterstory)

3. Bleach

4. Blood+

5. Sword Art Online (II)

6. Highschool of the Dead

7. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

8. Black Butler

9. Spice & Wolf

10. Durarara


1. Nightwish

2. Five Finger Death Punch

3. Metallica

4. Blood Stain Child

5. Killswitch Engage

6. DragonForce

7. Epica

8. Aqua Timez

9. X-Japan

10. The Birthday Massacre

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88 total

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PurpleCatAngel says...

Hi.:) Cool anime list.

Sep 11, 2012
turtleduck says...

Sorry this response is late. Started school and so far I am tired of it. Have a paper due tomorrow and a math test on Thursday. I just been studying this week. I am glad that you got good grades in your math classes. I remember when I got an A in my math class over the summer. My math grades throughout high school were mostly B's and a few C's. Yay senior year. Make the most of it. Right now i wish I was in my senior year since I spent almost all my time watching anime and reading manga. Now I only find time to read manga every once and a while.

Why were backpacks and purses banned? One time in high school, (I feel old saying "back when I was in high school" might as well be saying "When I was younger" lol that was only a few months ago) water bottles were banned because people would bring in vodka. It sure sucked not having a water bottle when you have a game later that day. You could have hitchhiked to anime expo lolSeriously get the growth egg before you leave gran pulse or before you reach the end. Your going to wish you got the growth after you reach the end. I sure wish i did.

Sorry to hear about your sunburn. I bet its better by the time you read this. So now I am off to my math class. (It seems like I am always taking a math class) Sorry once again for the late reply.   

Sep 11, 2012
jualseta says...

Lol I see you haven't been around for a bit. Watching anything? Or just enjoying the sun? ^^

Aug 7, 2012
turtleduck says...

I just finished my math class and passed with an A, thank goodness. I was worried I would have to retake the class for a better grade but surprisingly I did really well. I don’t understand how. Oh you are going to California!! Lucky are you by any chance going to LA Anime Expo? My only trip this summer was going fishing, we did that yesterday. I have some friends who are in Hawaii right now. I am so jealous of them, but they said they will bring something back for me. Yay!

I have now officially finished the game, last Tuesday. The same day I finished my final for my class, so to celebrate completing my math class I played all night and finished it. It was beautiful, now I am just playing it to level up. Oh I recommend your get the Growth Egg before heading to Cocoon from Gran pulse, I hate myself for not looking it up earlier because you will be able to level up faster and there are some enemies that are around for a certain time that give a lot of Crystogen points. It is weird that you have 3 discs, I never knew that till I looked it up after you said that. So does that mean the PS3 version of games have better graphics?

Well at least he is getting married. How cute :D

Oh how I miss BF3, the head shots were a beauty.

I will look into the anime. Is it any good?

The orientation was so boring it was all pointless about problems that can be avoided it people use their brains. I am excited for my class schedule. The fun classes I have is my foreign language, Russian and a PE class, Military Fitness. Sounds fun!!

Lol –Fin-

I bother my cat by sticking Sticky Notes on her, especially on her back to where she goes crazy trying to take them off lol.

Plan to go play Lost Planet. I need to buy Final Fantasy XIII-2, but till then Lost Planet is fine!

Jun 25, 2012
jualseta says...

Ohi there ^^

Yes, it HAS been a while. I've been away from AP for some reason. Idk, my mind wanders and I let it.

I've been good though. Busy with work and summer-type fun with friends. Trying to catch up with comments on here. Watching anime here and there. How're you liking Bleach? I dropped it ages ago but I might pick it up now that it's finished xD

How're you doing? 

Jun 13, 2012