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Hello and welcome. If ur into MMA, traveling, culture/humans in general, history, gaming, dancing, and anime (surprise, surprise) then we have some things in common. Feel free to follow me and i'll give u a follow as well. don't be shy. Hablo Español/puhun Suomea.

xbox live: GodzillaGus

Follow me on Twitch. I stream whatever I play on Xbox One

I read quite a bit so follow me on Goodreads

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There's an awesome club called "WECO"^^. we welcome new members to the site. it's a fun way to meet ppl on here.

Note: my timeline is as accurate as possbile, to the best of my memory. no cheating.

There's some anime I'm searching for. Do u know where I can find or watch these?

Here's some gif of what I might watch next from my very long "Want to Watch" list:

Dragonball summon             

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Sewn Oct 11, 2016

in ur bio, u say u like listening to music as a hobby. what kind of music do u like?


First of all, thanks for following me, I'm following you back. xx

Hmm, well my favorite genres are pop punk, alternative rock, and I also really like electropop...

As for artists I really like Twenty One Pilots, State Champs, Halsey, Melanie Martinez...

Lol, there are a lot more but I'll just stop there. :P 

How about you, what do you like listening to?

Sewn Oct 7, 2016

hiya Kei. nice to get an unexpected visitor. dope profile, btw. i haven't read it all yet because it's so long but i love the gifs with the matching cosmos skins. it must have taken a long time. i see that u will be watchong "Black Lagoon" next. it's a good one. u sure have a variety in ur anime taste. 

just curious but how did u come across my profile?


Thanks for the compliment. ^_^

Haha, that's okay if you don't read it all. It is for informational purposes but I also just really enjoyed making it for my own entertainment...

I'm not sure exactly... Most likely reason is you just commented on someone's profile and I happened to stop by and visit yours. :p

Sewn Oct 1, 2016

Hey. ~

I was just snooping around (like I always do) and I came across your page.

It's nice to meet you, how are you? ♡

Please, let me introduce myself. ~~

I'm Sewn, but you can call me Kei, or whatever you want. ^_^

I hope we can talk more and become friends. c:

Please have a nice day or night, whichever it is for you. xx

Soravisa Jul 15, 2016

Hey :)

Thank you very much for the help, i appreciate that ^^"

Soravisa Jul 2, 2016

Hi there !

I see you have this flag counter thing, could you tell me how can i add this on my page because i dont really know how :(

Have anice day !