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I watch anime, do "my" hobby, and play games in my free time which is just about all of my time. I love comedy (mostly low comedy and randomness), dark (horror, intelligent, mystery, depressing), and odd stuff (supernatural and well just weird O.o) for my anime. For my games, I like anime style games, rpgs, ones with a good community, and it must be at least in or past ob. You have a list of my anime so heres a list of my games.

This list doesn't even have half the games I have played. All I could see atm will add more as I remember.

Florensia (most grinding i have ever seen it starts at lvl 4!)

Rohan Online (good game)

Warhammer Online (soon to be)

Cabal Online (eh)

Holic Online (good game, if a person can stand killing the same thing in the same spot for a week)

Luminary (good game has this been shut down O.o)

Mabinogi (lonely and the grind if you want to lvl >.<)

Tales of Pirates (grind)

Twelve Sky (grind and boring)

Wolf Team (played till I couldn't play it anymore)

Orka (amazing isn't it. How in the world did i get in!)

2Moon (grind much and boring)

9Dragons(US) (grind much and boring)

Albatross18 (current game)

Asda Story (is anyone there?)

Bot (it's a good way)

Corum Online (just so many builds couldn't decide XD)

Dekaron (did I even play this)

Dream Of Mirror (this was great i should check it out again since usa isn't baned anymore)

Eternal Lands (runescape with no one to talk to)

Exteel (Robots! fun also)

Flyff (I feel poor)

Gunbound (how much money do you need!?!? it's only a piece of paper and you want 100k O.o. Even with cheating for gold it still takes forever to get an item.)

Gunz Online (some nice people with a lot of people with huge egos)

Last Chaos(US) (grind)

Lunia (great game bad item shop)

Rappel (great game with a lot of grinding)

RF Online (I get it, it's a war game but I don't liked being ganked over and over by random people. not for me)

Runescape (Got me into online games...)

Seal Online (curse you tree people)

Star Sonata (one step back with gaming ten steps forward)

Sword of the New World (going afk while my chars lvl me up)

Thang Online (hey i got a new weapon :D)

War Rock (hackers and annoying)

World of Warcraft (most polished game I have ever seen)

I am starting to read more and more manga as I wait for the anime to come out and be subed. So, I am going to start a manga list too though it will be short. As for the ratings since my list is few I only started reading it because it was good except for one...

One Piece ch 490

Princess Resurrection Finished

Rosario+Vampire Finished

Rosario+Vampire II Droped ch 9

Vampire Knight ch 41

Soul Eater ch 50

Amatsuki Droped ch 24

Ai Yori Aoshi: Finished

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ch 206

Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi ch 157

Air Gear ch 214

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