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GunPla Log - Giant Robot Pirates IN SPACE


I've finished the third set of modifications to my F97 Harlock Gundam. I've replaced the heat whip mounts on the back of the skirt armor with some scratch-built beam saber holsters (because I've always found the giant-robot-with-whip thing to be kind of silly. So far the Epyon Gundam is the only one I've seen pull it off. Even the Gouf looks better when it sticks to its sword). I then substituted the beam saber mount in the shoudlers/core fighter with a pair of 180mm Vulcan Cannons.

I've also made another new cape for it. While the first one I made did not interfere with it's functionality or mobility as much as the original, it was rather small. This one is a little larger, and can cover the arms and sides better.

I also trimmed the head vents a little so that it could open up wider than before.

I'll probably add some other small additions eventually, but It'll have to wait until I figure out exactly what I want to do to it.

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aghstnashell avatar aghstnashell
Feb 1, 2012

I know what you want to do. You want to give it something it doesn't have but obviously needs since it's in space....a SPACE LANCE.

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