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I forget how long I've been watching anime, but I guess that just proves how much I enjoy it. Each show has a unique perspective, plot and characters, but the incredible skill of the authors and artists continuously amazes me. I can't wait to see this Summer 2012 Season, hopefully it brings some more memorable series.

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Lynwood, California USA

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June 8, 2008

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March 26, 2014

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Cypselos avatar Cypselos


Dec 24, 2009

My favoutite genres are action, mystery, psychological and also romance i think. The animes i like the most so far are monster, death note, code geass, rurouni kenshin tsuiokuhen, welcome to nhk, eden of the east, lovely complex. Even if i enjoyed code geass, that was for the mystery behind the geass and the characters' psychology (how they define their justice etc.) and not for the mecha battles at all (i don't like mecha). I'm saying this because i see you have some mecha animes if you best animes list. However maybe you've got several romance and comedy animes which could pick my interest :P I've just checked out your top anime list and stole love hina, i think i'll like it ;)

Merry Christmas

Cypselos avatar Cypselos


Dec 23, 2009

Hey there I was jumping from a profile to another and saw there's no comment yet here so i just wanted to be the first one :P

That's quite a cute avatar you've got there, from which anime is it? And btw i can't believe you're watching so many animes at the same time! I couldn't handle more than 6 at the same time lol i'd forget where was the story at the last episode ^_^ And you've already watched so many animes, really don't like rating them?

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