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The year was 1995. I was 22 years old. At a time when others of my age range were letting anime go, I took my first step in my new anime hobby. Better late than never. I was into anime before I knew what anime was. During the early 80s, I was watching shows like Armored Fleet Dairugger IX, and Speed Racer from my grandparents living room. Years later, one of my dorm-mates introduced me to Battle Angel Alita. I'm a late arrival in the anime universe. I don't regret my hobby and will be watching it in the forseeable future.

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Kutatsu Jun 14, 2013

You should try watching cybersix, its great.

Kutatsu Jun 12, 2013

Yea this site is really helpful when it comes to finding a new anime

Kutatsu Jun 12, 2013

Good to see your still interested in anime.

KurenaiSun Jun 12, 2013

Finding them online will probably be challenging but there are so many sites with anime you can watch that you'll probably stumble across them at some point.  I've been watching anime for probably about 4 years but have really only started to watch a lot of it within the past 2 years or so.  This site is amazingly helpful!! You'll be glad you joined up.  You might check out the forums and ask users if they know of any place to watch some of the older ones you're looking for.  There's a lot of people here who are more than helpful and are quite knowledgeable about online anime resources.  Gotta watch which sites you use though or make sure you have adequate anti-virus if you didn't know that already.  You probably did. ;)

Ririchiyo Jun 11, 2013

Welcome to Anime-Planet. Why you stalling so many anime and only watching one single anime?