Sasha BRAUS main image

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Gabbers013 says...

This is my baby right here.

The best character in SNK, hands down.

She's also really fun to cosplay, and the most entertaining when you carry around a potato.

I'm happy to say I have to awesome pleasure of cosplaying her whenver I go to a con, and I always brighten up someone's day when I add the potato or bread to my costume. 

Love her so much <3

Apr 8, 2015
Lawgun says...

Прекрасный комический персонаж, который для меня поставил весь аниме-сериал на одну ступень выше. Простая и прямолинейная любительница покушать словно глоток свежего воздуха на фоне твердых как гвозди остальных героинь, демонстрирующих всеми силами своё мнимое превосходство над остальными и свой стальной нрав.

Sep 27, 2014
waterfall974 says...

Potatoe girl i salute you

Apr 22, 2014
Esira says...

Do you even read the manga? 

then you have to know how strong Sasha is, she did something even your Mikasa could never do.

besides, she plays as a comic relief, you need a character like this in this kind of anime.

Oct 17, 2013