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Jan 7, 2017

F*** this movie... I wasted 2 hours of my life that I wil never get back. It was such a waste of time. The story was bad, it was not funny, the music is copy and paste from the show and all the chartacters are completely stupid. 


1/10 story
2/10 animation
3/10 sound
1/10 characters
1.5/10 overall
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Jan 9, 2017

If you like watching shows about nothing, get turned on by prepubescent females in school outfits, and have a general lack of ambition in life, then this anime is for you. 

For all others, stay away from this garbage. I'm not opposed to "slice of life" anime in general, but this particular movie had nothing: a barely-there plot, no aesop, not event a themeatic element (other than "we are sad that we are graduating!").

Do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in an anime, movie, or videogame that has reason to exist other than instant visual stimulation. There are plenty out there.

1/10 story
7/10 animation
1/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Jan 27, 2015

Just what this series needed end on, a movie that goes back in time but who's contents then don't fit in with the series, guess it's fitting for a series that ranged from horrifically terrible to very very good.

Story - 6/10

Like most of the series there's a ton of let down from what you might expect. For being about their trip to London it seems like they focused about twenty minutes in a nearly two hour movie on the city. A majority was again spent in the classroom, makes you think they just decided to use a couple of episodes to make into a film (which becomes more believable when you notice the lead up to the trip was used as a bonus episode and not a series episode)

The episode's main focus isn't so much about the trip, but about the gift they want to give Azusa before they all leave for college. The girls decide on a song and then spend the rest of the episode, err movie, trying to think up lyrics. This leads to some funny moments and good scenes for the often under used Azusa.

Once in London they speed through most of the four days there, opting to spend more time focusing on the girls sitting in their hotel rooms. Besides the girls sight seeing, the only two London scenes focus around the girls playing shows, which for this series is a major surprise. The first time they play is due to a language barrier that has them mistaken for another band and a new sushi place, this was a little cute addition as it felt like an homage to the original Blues Brothers movie. Their second concert is at a festival set up to introduce japanese culture to Londoners, much like the first time we get just a snippet of a song, but if nothing else its a funny variation.

Upon their return they're greeted with an unusual amount of enthusiasm from their classmates who heard they had a great show. The girls as them to play one last concert for the school before they graduate, and Afternoon Tea Time agrees. They play a medley of their songs in homeroom right before the last day of school and then go on the graduate.

The film ends with the girls finally delivery their present to Azusa, their new song. Since the girls had an actual subject to write about, and not just random things combed together, it's actually their best song lyric wise, the music also fall just behind No, Thank You.

Like most of the series the movie is 95% fluff and 5% plot, which isn't terrible for entertainment, but just leaves you wanting much more. I kind of hoped they'd have a season dedicated to the senior year of Azusa and Ui, as maybe we'd finally get some music. I guess I can always just watch the concert for that, but I assume the girls just go on stage and sleep in bean bags or something else totally unrelated to music.

Animation - 5/10

For all the steps forward the series took in season 2, they went back to their old ways for the movie. 

Every other scene seemed to have the girls with a simply drawn goofy face, it was cute the first or second time, but multiple times in every scene just got out of hand.

The biggest step backward was with the drawing of Londoners. I guess they wanted them to be distinctive a bit, but they were drawn in a style that didn't match the series even a bit. Most anime series have their characters based off a representation of westerners anyway, with the blonde hair or californian looks, so why make things this much different when you actually have to draw them? The art was good, but it was just so out of place.

The scenery was an upside to the film, but the series always had great background art and they always had great attention to detail when it came to certain things, like instruments or in this case the sights of London.

Sound - 8/10

I give them credit for some of the new mood music, even if it really was off a step. Specifically the scene when the girls are first going to travel from the airport, they used a song that was the exact start to Where the Streets Have No Name, by U2, which in title works, but U2 is an Irish band, not Northern Irish which is part of the United Kingdom, and I feel they were going for a song that was from an English band.

Most of the songs we hear are the same things they've played throughout the series, we got a little more of each and some improv on them, but nothing special. It is kinda fitting that the series got better as it went on (again as opposed to what we see in most anime where they fade out) and the music did too, with them ending with what is their best all around song, with very good music and sensible lyrics. 

Characters - 6/10

There really was no big change in any characters from what we saw in the series. A majority of the movie was focused around Azusa, which was a nice change as they do tend to write her as not only the most levelheaded, but also one of the funnier characters who rely on remarks instead of slapstick.

The little trick Azusa's mind plays on her are quite comical and tie up a little piece of the series that might have seemed odd for some.

Overall - 7/10

By this point, even though I hoped there'd be more performances or ones that incorporated full songs, I pretty much expected it to be a movie almost about nothing. It was a fun followup to the series, but again I suspect it was cobbled together from scrapped episodes.

With K-On what you see is basically what you get. It's a goofy cute school show without much thinking involved. I'd be a bit better if the episodes could stand on their own instead of being so serialized, but if you want something to bob your head to you can throw it in the DVD player and listen to the closing song over and over.

6/10 story
5/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Oct 29, 2013

The K-ON movie!!!!!

Soooo bit of a hard one to review...watched the K-on series a few years back, then in slight anticipation of the movie to come out after all these years, it was fianlllyyyy released in australia a few months ago i believe  - that being said i probably could have seen it online, but i'd kinda gotten out of the series after a few years, then after watching the movie was good...re watched it better, now rewatching k-on all over again!!!

One thing to be sure of though is this is by no means a drama or action packed movie - it is essentially what k-on is - relaxed, cute, slice of life anime with awesome music in there ;D and for me i enjoyed it a lot more the 2nd time around, (also may be with a dvd issue watching it 1st time)

anywayyyy story...not much to say here, except the start of the movie is a troll... just like azu-nyan, you are being trolled ;) haha then from there everything's just like in the series, except in this movie they travel to london and then have the language barrier issue, among other things - watching the japanese dub/eng sub, i have no idea how they'd go about this in the eng sub lol - then they also spend a decent amount of time in school, so its not all travel :)

Animation -all the same i'm pretty sure :D awesome style as always but no huge change or differentce that i saw

Sound - watched and have always watched the jap dup/eng sub :D i think my main reason was that i heard a bit of the japanese music and then english version music and was like yeahhh....gonna go with japanese ;) ....again can't critisise the english dub since i havent seen/heard it, but love the japanese voices/ done prefectly :D also many awesome songs in this movie ;D ichiban ipai ( that plays in the trailer is only one of many! ;) )

Charachters - give it 10 as well :D all awesome and all so likeable haha

soooo i think thats it...not much else to say but just to have fun watching the movie, relax, and enjoy it!!! ;D

DVD Issue - soooo my only issue - in Australia, the vast majority of anime is licensed/released by Madman, but for some reason their DVD's Always play up on me somehow...wheather its not playing on the dvd player at home because the supposed 2 seperate audio tracks - or sounding off pitch...(due to the same reason)

Usually if that happens i'd watch them on the other dvd player in the house ( comes in handy ;)  ) but even that one for some reason refused to play the K-on movie althogether saying the disc was unreadable/scratched (despite being a scratch-free brand new disc)  - thus i resorted to the last one - the XBOX - the worst dvd player there is... frequently pauses after the 1 hour mark...and wasn't until watching it the 2nd time on the good ol' laptop...that it actually worked normally.....phewwwwww

<div> </div>

9/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jun 23, 2013

this movie started off really kickass (considering i'm a metal fan), but then slowly went downhill, to either boring me or confusing me about halfway through the movie due to a strange issue between two of the characters that had no place in the plot considering the logic of the characters (i don't want to spoil with details, just watch it).

i agree with many who say this was just one long episode, didn't feel epic really, aside from going on a out of country trip, and some other things that i'm afraid to mention because this site doesn't like spoilers in reviews.

Story 5/10, this is dictated by the few flaws of this movie, and the fact that this seems to be 50% fluff filler (though then again, the entire series is basically built on a lot fo filler), and eventually lines up with episode 24, which really messed with my head the whole time because i didn't realize this til like the last 15 minutes of the movie of the timeline.

Animation 9/10, it's KyoAni, and to be honest with you, they are the ONLY reason i ever watched K-ON!, like, seriously, even though the art is based on the manga style, it's still KyoAni, they make gold, though not always the best direction decisions, as we can see in the K-ON! movie on one note i will mention later with a spoiler warning.

Sound 9/10, okay, i originally was gonna do 8/10, but then i remembered that kickass song at the beginning and i was like "well, i guess i can bump up the score, hehe"

Characters 6/10, which i would say 7/10 during the series, not deeply fleshed out characters, yet they are still fairly solid and likeable, but in this movie something happens that feels out of character that made me question the writing staff.

Overall 6/10, i was generally not as into this movie, though i was never really a "fan" persay of this series either, but i was into it enough to stick watching through it til the end, but i just wished there was more substance and more depth, but i knew what i was getting into, a "light hearted slice of life comedy", meh, seriously, KyoAni is the ONLY reason i watched this series  xD











SPOILER ALERT: during the movie, Yui was trying to write lyrics for a Azusa dedication song, and Azusa stumbled upon Yui's notebook that said something about "loving Azunyan", so Azusa thought Yui wanted to rape her, and at one point there was a vague misunderstanding and Azusa elbowed Yui in the stomach, and pretty much acted alienated to Yui the rest of the movie.  this kind of bothers me because Yui has always been weird and touchy feely, so for Azusa to react to this situation like she did seemed to break character.

5/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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