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When I heard that a Noitamina series focused on economy and money will air, I was definetely intrigued and wanted to find out more.

As I said the story of C: The Money of soul and possibility control evolves around economy and money. It follows the struggle of Kimimaro Yoga and his persononal asset, the colorful Msyu ( or Mashu) in the financial dristcit where all sorts of people try to win back money, either for their personal gain or for other deeds. The biggest flaw of the series is that, as a Noitamina series (11 episodes) it is way too ambitious. I felt that there were lots of loose ends that could have been explained if the series ran longer. I also found the story hard to understand in some bits and the finale way too rushed, but still I found C had a lot of potential and plenty of original ideas in it's plot lines. I didn't complain about the sorta Pokemon fights because I found them well presented and beautiful to look at.

The animation is produced by tatsunoko production and...I really don't know them. Actually, I never heard of them before watching this show. C uses a lot of different animation styles to carry out it's job such as american, traditional, CG, traditional chinese and so on. I found it innovative, but in the context of the series it didn't feel quite mixed in.

The soundtrack is subtle and feels right in the series. the voice acting was good, though I felt Kimimaro Yoga's seiyuu, Uchiyama Kouki, was a bit disapoinying in the beginning. Still, he carried his job and ,at the end, he redressed himself to give us a really nice prestation ( still not as poignant as Yuki Natsuno's one). I also loved Makino Yui's prestation as Yoga's classmate. In the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle series, Makino voiced Princess Sakura, and i really couldn't care less about her. I found her voice annoyinly irritating ( although I like Sakura's character...just not the voice that comes with it). In C, her voice is natural, smooth and unexagereted...simply beautiful. The highlight of C's voice acting is Sakurai Takahiro's divine prestation as Masakaki. he just does everytime he voices a character, here in C, it is just bloody brilliant. The way he slows and then accelerates his lines and giving off that quirkyness is just damn amazing. His voice fits perfectly with the character and gives off chills down my spine. Absolutely well-done.

Opening section: researched and well-done and a good song by NICO on the walls( even if the lyrics don't fit the series at all).

Ending section: à la Eden of the East, I love this!

C's cast is unique and diverse. The show, although doesn't have much time on air, quite succeeds in describing all the major characters of the story. At first, I didn't like Yoga. I found him way too much cold and apathic, but as the show moves on I grew to like him a lot. Msyu ( or Mashu) on the other side, is absolutely adorable. She is not the type of character I love, but she is really cute ( at least for me) and I adored her growing relationship with Yoga.

Overall, I expected a stupendously brilliant series, and what I got was a really good one.

Score: 4/5. A good score.

NOTE: Funimation licensed the series and plan a release on DVD/Bluray. I want to have it, but as the lowest price available ( maybe in a huge clearance sale), defenitely not a full price. I didn't impress me as much that I absolutely the first press available.


Next! Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou and my DVD reviews of Soul Eater and Guardian of the Spirit ( Seirei no Moribito)









8.3/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8.2/10 characters
8.1/10 overall
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roriconfan Apr 22, 2012

This show was one big mess. Very disapointing.