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School Rumble

Aug 6, 2013

This is… I have no idea how to talk about this show. The whole idea of the show is that it has one small plot and then thrusts all of the most awkward timing and puns into the show. It also has so many love triangles in it that it you never know whats going on.

Tenma is rather a dunce and can’t do most things right although she does have her times where she actually seems a bit smart (example, when she is trying to get out of the girls bathroom without Karasuma seeing her) only to have it thrust back at her. She is scatter brained and has as much sence as a bag of rice but deep inside, she has a heart of gold. She tries to make everyone happy including her love, Karasima. She is so scatter brained that when Haruma tries to confess his love to her, she doesn’t get it. She has this really interesting way of talking as though she is talking to a little kid or is herself a little kid. It’s odd because her younger sister actually acts more like an older sister then she does.

Harima is a really odd character in that he acts a lot like a bad ass and has trouble looking like a nice guy even when he is around the girl of his dreams. For instance, in the second episode, since Harima has been coming to school every day now, his classmates suspect he is planning a bomb threat! When he starts to laugh, they believe he is planning something worse. I consider him not as dumb as Tenma since he actually has street smarts but on the other hand, it isn’t that much smarter.

Karasuma is more of the mysterious side character rather then a main character. He might be the object of Tenma’s affection, but he rarly shows up in the show. He is just a silent person who sits there and blends into the background except for the really odd things he does like rides his bike fast or dressing as a Kappa in the rain.

There are so many characters that I can’t talk about all of them or I would be here all day. From Tenma’s friends to Haruma’s strange antics, this show pretty much jumps all over the place. And why do I like such a zany show like this when I hate Puni Puni Poemii? Well, for starters, this show does stop itself from time to time from going to out of control. It holds back many times while other times, the stuff feels spaced out.

Some people don’t like how scattered around this show is, pretty much like Azumanga and Lucky Star but I have to say, at least this show has some sort of plot and sticks to it slightly. I do have to say there are pretty much no adults in this show to stop them from doing stupid things. It’s really all over the place.

The art is actually pretty fun and energetic. It’s all over the place depending on the mood but the artwork never goes against the mood. It keeps it flowing till such a time that they feel its time to jerk us back from it. Sometimes it’s so detailed, and sometimes its really abstract.

The English voices are really good, making me smile. They matched all the voices pretty well to how the characters act and even some of the Japanese voices. There really isn’t much else to say about it.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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