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My friend got me hooked and now we are having a contest with his friend to see who can watch the most. I plan to win.

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rockenroll4life says...

Ah, ha! Found you. ^_^ I thought I would drop by to say hey since your just joined the forum. Hope I get the chance to talk with you on there.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!


Oct 3, 2008
smetske says...

I think you can compare high school to college, and the studies are 3 or 4 years, usually.

For games, I've been a World of Warcraft addict, and I'm happy about quitting it 2 weeks ago now :). I like first person shooters alot, but my computer cannot handle the latest games well, anymore, such as Call of Duty 4 & Crysis ;(At the moment, I don't really have a game I really enjoy playing at the moment :P, when I feel like playing a game, I play it ^^ No consoles here, PC for teh win! and I don't really like reading books. What games do you play then? :)

(I know, smiley addict :P) 

Dec 20, 2007
smetske says...

Forensic Psychology? *gasps* (Sorry for making the comparisation) but CSI-like forensic? That's pretty amazing! 

In Belgium, you go to secundairy school untill you're 18, and after that, you go to university or high school. I'm still on secundairy, though, and probably going to high school next year!

As for my hobbies, anime, gaming, computer stuff (I know, rather boring :P) ^^ Yours? :)

Dec 20, 2007
smetske says...

Good luck! Enjoy your break as well! Is college hard? What are you studying?

Dec 20, 2007
smetske says...

Have you ever heard of Kanon 2006? I can strongly recommend watching it, loved it from beginning untill the end. Hopefully if you decide to watch it, you'll like it as well! Can't guarantee you though, tastes can be different :D

A friend told me the other day he had Devil May Cry, so I'm gonna try to get it asap :) Having 2 and a half week off school now *yay*! Time to watch some new anime!

Talk to you later!  

Dec 19, 2007