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Focused on the history of the visual novel, Air begins with the arrival of Yukito Kunisaki, a puppeteer who travels looking for a girl with wings that always stands alone, to a city on the coast. There he meets a girl who develops an interest in him, Misuzu Kamio, who sees the ocean passively along imagining flying days.

In town, Yukito also meets Kano Kirishima, Tohno Minagi and other inhabitants of the city as the sister of Kano, Michiru, and Misuzu’s aunt. Although you can categorize Air as a romance anime, it is certain that this is not an abundant element in the series; the characters develop tension or interest but not become anything more than that.
The anime places an emphasis on family relationships and bonds we develop with those around us. Lessons such as forgiveness of self, family, recognition of a mission or purpose and acceptance of the life and changes are recurring themes in the story.
The episodes pass slowly, as history has no relevant action scenes or large movements. Every scene is basically on the same locations.
As for the drama within the story, this is the most important element. Each of the heroines has passed or is passing through difficult situations in their life, is in these events that the importance of family relationships and the characters come to accept and carry out these "traumas" Thanks to them, mainly the last part of the story is where most of these elements are.


Air was one of the first Kyoto Animation works. One of the great achievements of the animation are the landscapes and colors of the horizon, blue skies and orange sunsets adorn several of the scenes giving some touches of realism to the scenarios. The same happens with the architecture of the city, which shows a very good job in creating spaces and offer viewers a sense of reality with respect to the rooms and walls.
In contrast there are the characters, although not badly drawn, with eyes too large in proportion to your body and are more inclined to take a look Moe instead of creating realistic faces.


Probably the best in the series, the soundtrack of Air has won numerous awards and recognitions. We have a variety of background melodies with hints of classical music, parks, listen to the cicadas and the beach sounds of the waves. There is also a great harmony between music and the scenes where the drama without taking center stage of history, the music creates an atmosphere conducive to getting the best out of each story.
As for the characters' voices, speaking of the voices in Japanese, I think they are very well achieved. Each voice fits perfect with each character, including Misuzu tic of repeating "Gao" creating a very intimate once we move in its history.
The opening "Tori no uta" played by Lia has a congruency with the rest of the story to show a certain melancholy. The ending "farewell song" also played by Lia though perhaps the pace is not enough to fit into the melancholy of history.


Although few episodes, these are enough to help the adequate develop of the characters. Yukito, the male protagonist (and almost the only man to see in the series) is the typical personality a bit careless and selfish, but it shows a good heart and cares about people he knows. Later we see a big change in Yukito and show us the most romantic scenes in the series.
Of the three heroines of the series, none of the three is a great character, there is not enough time with each of them to create a bond with them. About Misuzu, I’m not even sure if I found her interesting or just annoying, because throughout the series she does not do much to please the audience, but towards the last episodes her character takes a leading role and impressive.


This anime plays with the emotions of the audience, showing very dramatic events in drama, especially Misuzu’s story. It had great success on the music and animation but the story is not good enough. Still is an anime I highly recommend due to the large amount of emotion that manages to convey.

6/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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