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Kimi ga Uso o Tsuita

Jan 28, 2013

Summary: Saki has always hated liars, ever since her father left her family when she was young. Now a student in high school, Saki nearly dies in a car crash, and wakes up to find that she has a new ability... the ability to see when people are lying. Saki comes to realize that there are liars all around her...

 Plot: Right after I finished this 12 chapter manga, I immediately wanted to talk about it. This manga had a really unique plot. I really like the setting of Kimi go Uso o Tsuita. The power to see if people are lying is just an awesome power. I, however, didn't like where they went with this. It was like this manga was stock full of clichés. The romance and 'twists' were so predictable it actually hurt. I thought that the manga would take the high route and not take the easy clichéd route out of it. But, no, they didn't. This manga is just a steaming pile of wasted potential.

 Art: The artwork was typical shoujo drawing style. The drawing style I wasn't practically fond with. The drawing style in a manga should greatly contribute to the story. I felt that it was a boring style that sometimes distracted from the story. However, my opinion might be biased considering shoujo isn't usually my favorite drawing style.

 Characters: The characters were all the clichés of the rainbow. First off, I hoped that Saki's 'brother' Midori would end up as her love interest. And, at least of me, I somewhat knew that Midori would end up as Saki's love interest and turn out not to be blood related. I hoped the manga wouldn’t do that. Then there was Kou. I hoped that Saki would fall out of love with Midori and somehow end up with Kou. I just thought Kou was a better character than Midori. Midori was the bland shoujo male lead. I thought that having Saki end up with Kou would have been the better choice; this manga is a psychological manga, so it shouldn't play by the rules. Kou was a beautiful character and should have been the protagonist main love interest. Lastly Saki, I felt that her character could have brought more to the manga. She was fine protagonist, but I felt that she could have been handled better. As I said before, a psychological manga/anime's protagonist should live up to that genre. She was just nice and a moody teenager. The characters and their fates were just walking clichés.

 Overall: I hoped that this manga would be interesting and would be a candidate for my Top 10 Manga, but it fell wayyy short of my expectations.

7/10 story
4/10 art
3/10 characters
4.7/10 overall
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