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Aug 22, 2012


Tatami galaxy's story isn't that bad. It's just the awefull presentation that makes hate it. Almost all the episodes are about showing the protoganist's campus life if he would have made another choice. Not a bad concept but it gets boring after three episodes. It's funny because this show gives you so much useless information that isn't used in the end at all.

Talking about the ending, it was pretty good. No actually it was really good. Almost code geass R2 ending good. But the real problem is that it wasn't worth it watching all the episodes just for a few good ones. If the early episodes were as good as the last ones this show would have skyrocketed to a 9. If you are just finished with the anime it will probably leave you with a great feel because everything seemt to come toghether. Then you click on episode one and maybe you are brave enough to rewatch the whole thing, and you will find out how much USELESS information you actually got.


What's to say about it? like it or not. This show has a sketchy feel and I dont really prefer it over standard anime drawing. This isn't really a downside though so I can't complain about it.


 Maigoinu to amu-Asian Kung-Fu Generation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyYCYd2wHY4

This is maybe the best opening song I have ever heard. stuck in my head for two days now. It isn't really the most fitting one, since you could really put this music on any anime. Vanilla Salt from Toradora or something would be one of such cases where the music actually synchronises with the anime. But hell. It's fuckin awesome. It really makes up for the lack of anything and with solely this opening this anime receives a bonus two and a half point on the end mark. The ending song was pretty good too, though not as rememorable as this masterpiece.

Whenever the protoganist is giving background info on something he starts to talk really fast. Sometimes I thought i was listening to the japanese version of Sketman/Busta rhymes. It's rather funny for me because I used to talk very fast when I was younger, And now I can actually see how damn annoying it is.


Even for a short anime you get to know almost nothing about the characters. The protoganists last two years are desribed but aside from that you get nothing from his past either. Also there is really no character developement. It's just the last two years over and over again with everything being a bit different all the time.


This anime could have been alot shorter. I think it should have actually been done in 4 or 5 episodes(they could have maybe just made a movie instead of a whole series) and I would have given this anime around a 8.5 - 9. The opening and ending theme were awesome, though there is no real background music. total of a 6 due to the tremendous amount of repetitiveness

5/10 story
6/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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roriconfan Aug 23, 2012

Oh come on, are you really telling me that the characters weren't fleshed out in those in-between episodes? What would you know about them if the show was just the last two episodes? I accept you not liking the animation, of which I found amazing, but the characters are fleshed out wonderfully.