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       Alright, so this was the magical girl show for the season. It's about two sisters, Urin and Marin, who live in the ocean (they aren't mermaids, but need a special ring to breath out of water). They decide to visit the sky world to return a ring that was dropped in the water. The owner, Kanon, turns out to be a evil/emo girl who threw it away. The girls then release an evil spirit called Sedna; A talking turtle gives Marin and Kanon the power to transform into the Sea and Sky Maidens, to defeat it. So. Not very original. However, this show is a bit more mature than other magical girl shows. It's not all sparkles, transformations, and whatnot. Which makes it less girly and a bit more original and less repetative.

       I didn't really like the characters. Marin annoys me to no end. She's all clueless, happy, and loves everyone all the time. The others aren't annoying, but they're a bit boring to me. I did love Kanon's Sky Maiden outfit though, very pretty.

       The opening song was very pretty, but it didn't seem to fit the anime in my opinion. Sounds more like a Kino song than for a magical girl show. But then again, I'm probably just expecting a genertic magical girl song. The ending animation is really cute; the sisters are watching the story about the Little Mermaid, which I found was adorable.

       Overall, it's not as cheesy as regular magical girl shows. That doesn't make this a great show though. It just doesn't stand out for me, and I didn't enjoy it.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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