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Umi Monogatari

Oct 20, 2009

       Alright, so this was the magical girl show for the season. It's about two sisters, Urin and Marin, who live in the ocean (they aren't mermaids, but need a special ring to breath out of water). They decide to visit the sky world to return a ring that was dropped in the water. The owner, Kanon, turns out to be a evil/emo girl who threw it away. The girls then release an evil spirit called Sedna; A talking turtle gives Marin and Kanon the power to transform into the Sea and Sky Maidens, to defeat it. So. Not very original. However, this show is a bit more mature than other magical girl shows. It's not all sparkles, transformations, and whatnot. Which makes it less girly and a bit more original and less repetative.

       I didn't really like the characters. Marin annoys me to no end. She's all clueless, happy, and loves everyone all the time. The others aren't annoying, but they're a bit boring to me. I did love Kanon's Sky Maiden outfit though, very pretty.

       The opening song was very pretty, but it didn't seem to fit the anime in my opinion. Sounds more like a Kino song than for a magical girl show. But then again, I'm probably just expecting a genertic magical girl song. The ending animation is really cute; the sisters are watching the story about the Little Mermaid, which I found was adorable.

       Overall, it's not as cheesy as regular magical girl shows. That doesn't make this a great show though. It just doesn't stand out for me, and I didn't enjoy it.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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