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7. Our protagonist Araragi is a vampire who finds it his duty to help out cursed tsundere women. He does this by talking, talking and more talking. Yep, that pretty much sums up the whole series.

Plot and pace

4. The development in this Anime is very slow. There are five different arcs, each time involving a different girl that has been cursed by the spirits of a certain animal (i.e. snakes, monkeys, a bunny,…). Bakemonogatari never really makes sense, but since it’s an anime about mysteries and supernatural things I don’t mind about that too much.


5. There are none. Each arc takes one episode to introduce the character, then another to solve its problems.

Satisfying ending

5. Each arc has an ending where they want you to get an eureka effect, and even though some of those are well thought of and memorable, there’s way too much conversation to keep it interesting.


0. Yes, my first zero ever. The blabbering was horror beyond measure. I wouldn’t even watch this again if it would make me superrich or famous, or both at the same time!


6. Araragi is the immortal vampire who gets his ass kicked by women all the time and still only resolves to violence when it’s against an 11-year old. Otherwise he’s always talking until you’re bored out of your skull. His girlfriend was actually a nice character, a typical tsundere woman who helped him out every now and then and didn’t like to wear clothes (I remembered that part at least). Then there’s this Oshino-guy that seems to know the solution to every problem, but never helps to solve them. The other characters are all unimportant and thus forgettable.


7. Simply put: there’s way too much conversation. But that didn’t mean all of it was nonsense. Therefore I’ll still give it a seven. I mean, with that much conversation going on you cannot really give it a lower mark than that. That’d be blasphemy!

Art Style

8. The art style was enjoyable, special and even in some way unique. The characters look fine and since they’re always the main focus point because of their lengthy conversations, that’s the most important part of all.


5. Araragi’s almost never at home. He still goes to school, though he rarely seems to be there as well. Most of the time he’s just walking down the street with his tsundere girls following him around. Backgrounds have always been kept simple in this Anime.

Music and sounds

6. The music changed each time the storyline changed. There were good intro’s, but also bad ones. The sound effects were decent and fitting.

Overall score


7/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
5.3/10 overall
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