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Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite sci-fi series, and when I found out about Arise I couldn't wait to see it.

The characters are like they have always been in GITS, they fit very well into the story and world without being something else. Thus giving you that sense this could easily be something that could happen in the future. Also the change in background story on how the Major become a cyborg is a pretty neat change, from the one in the series.

The story it's follows the Major, who gets involved in an investigation around Mamuro her former unit commander. Now the story follows the normal route of uncovering things and some action, but what makes it great here is the twist that occurs near the end. That twist is great because it fits perfectly into the world and adds a nice change to how things happened as well as a interesting impact on the Major.

The animeation I know some has critized but I feel it's very fitting considering this is a prequal, so changing the look to something that seems I guess older makes sense. But regardless the animation is still exetremely good and wont be an issue for anyone.

Now the sound is good, nothing to complain the voices were good and the sounds of the effects were good to.

Simply put I have nothing bad to say about this, because everything in it is well done and fits into the universe of GITS. So if you enjoy Ghost in the Shell watch this, if you haven't seen the series before you can still watch this since it is an alternate story within the GITS universe. Thus it spoils really nothing or atleast so far it hasn't.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9/10 overall
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