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I adore these characters


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iiMariaUshiromiya says...

Yush!! 8D That'd be a dream come true~! ^.^ It would be impossible for any of us to be lonely.

A-a-a-and, (I'm really sorry for bringing this up T^T ) Why did Shotaro leave? D8

Sep 21, 2011
iiMariaUshiromiya says...

You are too godly, powerful, aweshum, etcetera, XD for those peasants. ^.^

And *Sigh*, if only we went to the same school, >.< maybe something random will happen and I'll end up on an airplane to where you live! XD

Sep 20, 2011
iiMariaUshiromiya says...

XP Nothing much, I made myself hated again in Middle School, DX Uu... >.<

What about you? ^.^ How's school? o.o

Sep 19, 2011
iiMariaUshiromiya says...


AND YAY FOR MIONISM~! ^.^ I wouldn't have been able to survive a boring Baby Shower. o.o

Sep 18, 2011
iiMariaUshiromiya says...

Yush~! 8D I'm very forgetful! XD This site is aweshum~! ^.^

I think I use it to much. o.o Ahaha! XD

Sep 17, 2011