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I adore these characters


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AlexaDawn Apr 20, 2011

HAHA! Noe thats love!

I have multiple notebooks! xD

theazariah Apr 20, 2011

Harutard is my new favourite word.

AlexaDawn Apr 20, 2011

Im a comedy/romance/school fan.

and ya know what sums that up?


AlexaDawn Apr 20, 2011

But ofcourse! ive already added you! lol

*eats chocolate*

theazariah Apr 20, 2011

Beck was the show that really got me into anime. A random junior high kid suddenly wants to be a rock star. it's very nice, slice of life, honest and I wish they did more than 1 season... sigh. It got released in north america as "Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad" and they even showed the dubbed version on MTV.

The haruhi novels used to be available on the baka-tsuki website but they got removed. - that page has links to torrents and where to buy the english versions too.