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What?! No anime ratings?

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MykeJinX89 Aug 16, 2015

A few rebuttals to each of your points.

- No, just becuase the story is set in the not-too-distant future doesn't excuse it. It still has to be grounded in a sense of reality, and if you ask me, the system is clearly meant to bend to Kirito.

- Right, these people are frightened. And while it's true they're not going to rush through the game in order to get out. The problem is nobody is shown to be frightened, even under the surface.

- You know, what you described was the first few episodes, back when Kirito was an actual character and not a self-insert whose personality inexplicably changes to fit the tone of each plot.

- My problem was that this relationship had no room for any proper development, so it felt like it was just grasping at straws. Just because it happened in the blink of an eye doesn't excuse the lack of development. They started a relationship, got married, and adopted a girl as their daughter, all within the span of maybe an episode. There's no room for any development, so all of this family nonsense comes off as forced. It doesn't help that Yui is creepy and annoying with the Mommy and Daddy crap. It's supposed to sound cute, but it really isn't.

- Then WHY did he just say he wanted to create his own fantasy world instead of "Oh, I forgot why I did it?" He clearly had some goal or idea in mind when he started his project. No matter how you look at it, Kayaba is not a good person at all. He's a murderer and a coward.

- Obvously, not the least bit of logic was put into the story. This show has plot holes (batant example Episode 14), and trying to fill them in with your imagination is basically doing the writer's job.

- Oh, and I'm going to assume that you've read the light novels so I can say this one thing: The books. Do not. F*cking. Matter. Adaptations have to stand on its own two feet, alone from the source material. If you're using the books as a form of supplementary material, then you're basically admitting the adaptation's no good.

- At least we agree on one thing, Fairy Dance is a POS. Personally, if the show ended at Aincrad, I would've given it a 3 or a 4/10. A pretty low score, but enough for me not to consider it a pile of garbage.

wucher21 Aug 6, 2015

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