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Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Oct 26, 2014

I posted this review on my Facebook, so I figured why not post it here too...

A brief review of the Hunter x Hunter reboot upon completion:
Let me start by saying that experienced a great amount of enjoyment watching the show. The characters are more often than not likable, the themes are good ones (friendship, adventure, loyalty etc.), and the story was a good one.

Like other long running shounen shows, HxH takes a lot of liberty with a simple concept and applies it to a series. Much like Naruto's "ninjas", One Piece's "pirates", and Fairy Tail's "wizards", HxH is about "hunters." All of these shows having the concepts right, although taken in a different direction. Hunters are people in pursuit of a variety if things (treasure, gourmet food, archeological finds) that must first pass a test to become cerified Hunters. These characters are similar to other shounen characters in their wode variety of abilities.


The story centers around Gon who begins his life with a great adventure in mind, finding Ging his elusive Hunter of a father. The friends he makes along the way and the battles he has to fight are satisfactory.

The series goes over the material in the original series as well as things it didn't cover, so there is no need to watch it. I did before checking out the reboot, and I can say if you want to check it out watch it first. The pacing is much slower in the original series.

As far as the episodes go there are only two filler episodes that recap what has happened. The rest of the episodes are loyal to the manga. Each story arc was easy and enjoyable to watch with one exception. Each long running shounen show seems to have at least one token "this was alright but the other arcs were noticably better" arc, and unfortunately for HxH that arc is the longest arc in a comparatively short show. The semifinal arc runs over sixty episodes and has some dry spells. The arc isn't terrible though, it redeems itself with awesome fight scenes and some new characters that I fell in love with.

Overall I give the show a 9/10 and would recommend it to people who like shounen shows. The entire series is on Crunchyroll and the first 100 episodes out of 148 are on Netflix.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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