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CandyBel Aug 17, 2018

Ah i just found out that there is a webtoon of Whats wrong with secrectary Kim 

CandyBel Aug 17, 2018

It wasn’t that shocking when I found out you were a dude. I guess you are my oppa.And by one year too. 

Fight my way is pretty good. It has about 16 episodes I’m not sure though. I also know about What’s wrong with secretary kim. I was going to watch that when I finished Fight my way. Where do you watch your Kdramas. I watch mine on Viki.

Sadly yes. Wanna One is disbanding this December. I wish bands like them would last.

farhanaritu16 Aug 17, 2018

I want to do that but if I start to read any manga, it's hard to stop myself. But I'm trying......hey another thing I wanna ask you (it just for curiosity)....are you a Japanese??? 

CandyBel Aug 17, 2018

Oh I'm just noticing that it says male on your profile. You're the first male I've ever talked to that listens to Kpop lol XD

CandyBel Aug 17, 2018

O I get it now. Damn, how do people get this deep?

Wait, I never knew that they were going to disband, that's so sad they were good too

And yes, I watch Kdramas. right now I'm watching Fight My Way.